Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Three Losers Left

Now that Huckabee and Trump have bowed out of the presidential race, that leaves only three potential candidates: Palin, Romney, and Gingrich.  In other words, three losers who are going to lose again.

Two of them, Palin and Romney, lost to Obama in 2008.  They haven't changed anything about themselves, so why do they think they can win now?  Gingrich has already committed political suicide by slamming Paul Ryan over his budget and then admitting that he wants an individual mandate that forces Americans to buy health insurance.

So in other words, the GOP is setting themselves up to lose.  Again.

I once heard a quote about the GOP: "The Republicans never blow an opportunity to blow an opportunity". This is a perfect example of that. They have a sitting president who has run unemployment into double-digits, home foreclosures are at a record high, there are a record number of people on food stamps, record number of people in poverty, and the dollar is dropping like a stone, and the GOP can't find anyone with any strength to run against him.  Heck....right now a pie could run against Obama and win.  But the GOP has found three people who are easily attacked in the media and who will give up and run with their tails between their legs.

We can only hope that there will be a strong candidate from the Tea Party.  Obama has to be stopped now before he damages the country any further.

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