Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Jorge Ramos Acts Like an Illegal Alien

Donald Trump and Jorge Ramos of Univision got into a tiff today at a press conference held by Trump. Trump was calling on reporters one-by-one in order to answer questions, and Jorge started talking out-of-turn and demanding answers.  After asking Jorge to wait his turn a few times, Trump had him ejected from the press conference.

Now we know why Jorge loves illegals so much: he acts like one.

1. He doesn't care about other people.
2. He jumps to the head of the line, forcing others out of the way.
3. He doesn't follow the rules.
4. He doesn't listen, he just keeps talking.
5. He keeps demanding things, even when told no.
6. When dealt with, he starts screaming about "his rights".

Trump did to Jorge what needs to be done to all illegals: he threw him out.  The other reporters were patiently waiting their turns, and Trump was answering the questions that were asked of him.  Ramos thought he could just jump in and make a scene without caring about the other reporters.  He was dealt with appropriately.  Now we just need to do this with ALL illegals, because it sure worked with this one.

Jeb Bush is Fighting Hard to Lose

Have you ever seen a candidate work so hard to lose?  Jeb Bush isn’t even hiding the fact that he’s out to lose the election.

Here’s what he’s done: He started by pretending to be concerned about illegal immigration.  He used the term “anchor baby”.  Hillary, predictably, attacked him on that.  Bush didn’t fight back. Instead, he moved into defense mode (typical Professional Loser behavior) by saying that the illegal problem is *Asians*. 

Bush ignores the millions of Hispanics and OTMs (“other than Mexicans”) that swarm across the border illegally and then set about robbing, raping, murdering, selling drugs, overcrowding schools, and draining our social services, and instead attacks Asians who get a Visa.

So he’s pissed off two groups: Hispanics and Asians. And now he’s out defending himself again because the LameStream Media is attacking him on that. He’s barely started his campaign and he’s already in defense mode.

Never forget: Jeb Bush’s job is to lose the election. The Professional Loser Party (the GOP) is bound and determined to lose the election, so they’ve selected the one person who is guaranteed to lose to Hillary. 

Hillary is an inexperienced repulsive bitch who’s being investigated for selling national secrets.  At the rate her poll numbers are dropping, she couldn’t win an election to be a dogcatcher. So the GOP needs a Guaranteed Loser.  And that Guaranteed Loser is Jeb.  A bumbling drooling idiot who ignores real problems and instead actively works to say stupid things so the he can get attacked by the LameStream Media.

We need Donald Trump. Trump, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Scott Walker, and Carly Fiorina are all good candidates who would summarily beat Hillary, Sanders, and/or Giggling Joe Biden.  We should all be working to get a good candidate nominated so we can take down the Democrat machine.

Because if Jeb Bush is nominated, then get used to saying “President Hillary”, because Jeb will do his level best to lose the election in a landslide.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Donald Trump Bitch-Slapping the GOP

There was an article in The Atlantic magazine about Donald Trump and how he, as the front-runner, might be impacting the Republican Party.  

In order to get an "unbiased" story, The Atlantic interviewed Lindsey Graham, the 15th-place candidate. A person who's openly stated that he wants to give amnesty to the 20 million illegal aliens in America.  Here are my thoughts when I read the article.

The Atlantic said:
"...Trump's surprising staying power"
That reminds me of how the LSM would always say "unexpected" whenever their beloved Obama's unemployment rate went up instead of down.  We can expect to hear "surprising" for the rest of the campaign season as Trump keeps going up in the polls. 

>Graham calls him “a huckster billionaire whose political ideas are gibberish.” And while he expects voters eventually to come to their senses, he said, “I think a certain amount of damage has been done already.”<
We have come to our senses, Lindsey Grahamesty!  That's why we're supporting Trump and not one of you open-borders, debt-increasing, no-budget, Obamacare-supporting, roll-over-and-give-Obama-everything-he-wants Professional Losers.

>Party elites can already envision the attack ads of sad-eyed children being torn from their parents.<
That's exactly how Professional Losers think.  They're worried about how they might get attacked. People who want to win envision their own ads: photos of innocent men and women gunned down in the prime of life by tattooed Mexican gang members who are here illegally, and then blame it all on the Democrats. Kate Steinle, the young woman from San Francisco who was killed by an illegal, would be the perfect place to start.  But do they do that?  No.  Why?  Because the establishment Republicans are professional losers. They're always thinking of how to throw the election to the Democrats.

I'm really glad Trump is in the race. He's bringing a message and a determination that conservatives have been wanting for years.  And as for him "not being the nominee", he will be. Whether as a Republican or as an independent, he'll be the nominee. And the Professional Lose Party will be sent packing into the pages of history, victims of their own cowardice.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Democrat Frankenstein Attacks Its Creator

The Democrat's Frankenstein's monster has turned on its creator.

Last Saturday, Democrat candidates Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley spoke at a rally of the Netroots. Or at least, they *tried* to speak. Partway into their presentations, screeching screaming black activists shouted down both Marty O'Malley and Bernie Sanders.

From the article:
"Angry, emotional Black Lives Matter activists took the stage to screech that black people are “in a state of emergency” over police violence, a position that has been shown to be statistically inaccurate but that led to violent clashes and riots in cities like Ferguson and Baltimore, where O’Malley served as mayor. As people shouted from the audience at him, O’Malley tried to respond but was continually shouted down."

Ha! It sucks to be on the receiving end, doesn't it, leftists? Welcome to what you created! Did you honestly think the emotionally-driven activists would focus just on conservatives? If so, you're idiots. They focus on ALL white people - so you're the enemy no matter how much free stuff you give them.

Then there's this:
>Both discussions were moderated by revered “Undocuqueer”  journalist Jose Antonio Vargas.  On his Facebook page, Vargas gave his thoughts on the event:  "I wish I had more time with both O’Malley and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders. I particularly wanted to ask Sanders about his positions on gun control, climate change, and LGBTQ rights."<

So Sanders and O'Malley face not only irate blacks, but angry illegals and gay activists too. And these activists demand answers to every issue that the Dems have flung at the Republicans: gun control, "police brutality", climate change, and "gay rights".

HAHAHAHAHA!  Good luck coming up with an "acceptable" answer to those, you stupid liberal politicians!  You'll find out that there are *no* acceptable answers for screaming lefty activists! You'll be put through the wringer giving them answers that will only make them angrier, louder, and more violent.

I look forward to watching Bernie and O'Malley drown in the sea of slime that they created.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Let's Ruin the Republican Brand!

Rep John Campbell was hosting the Hugh Hewitt show today.  During his commentary he was talking about Donald Trump. While he acknowledged that Trump was pointing out important issues, he was convinced that Trump, if he kept doing what he's doing, would "ruin the Republican brand".

My response: "Good! I hope he does!”

Because that’s exactly what we want!  The Republican "brand" is “Treason”.  The Republicans are lying, double-crossing, bought-off traitors.

The Republicans have proven over and over again that they're traitors to conservatives and America. They actively go out of their way to ensure Democrats hasten socialism to this great nation.

During the election of 2008 John McCain found out that Democrats had been caught stuffing ballot boxes.  He could have stopped the election right there, but he didn't: http://goo.gl/ZnZMvL If John McCain had done the right thing, there would be *no* Obama. No Obamacare, no Obamatrade, no flood of illegals, no Fast and Furious, and no Benghazi. Instead, he just let it slide.  McCain is a traitor and an accessory to the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on America: Barack Hussein Obama.

In 2012 Mitt "Mittens the Kitten" Romney's campaign created an ad that would have ended Hussein Obama's campaign immediately. Using footage from Benghazi and Obama's non-response, Mittens could have bitch-slapped Obama completely out of the race by showing how Obama had deliberately ignored the pleas for help and let four Americans get brutally slaughtered in Benghazi: http://goo.gl/lSEDIC  But he didn't. Why?  Because he wasn't supposed to win. He was the chosen fall guy for the GOP. Mittens was, and is, a traitor to America.

In 2014 the Republicans ran their campaigns on "we'll stop Obamacare". As a result, they got a landslide sweep; taking control of the House and Senate. So what did they do? Two days after the election, John Boo-Hoo Boehner abandoned his campaign promises and gave Obama all the funding for Obamacare. We might as well have elected Democrats in 2014 for all the good they did.  They're on Obama's side, and they don't even hide it anymore.

So yeah, Trump may ruin their "brand". But who cares? Goodbye and good riddance! I HOPE that Trump ruins the Republicans. I hope his campaign and ultimate election destroys the Republicans for good, so we can replace them with a new political party. Because if Trump doesn't do it, there are a lot of conservatives who are going to rid America of the GOP one way or another. It's time to route out the RINOs and put real leaders into office.  Because we're not going to tolerate their treason anymore.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bernie Sanders: Raise Taxes to 90%!

Bernie Sanders, Communist candidate for the Democrat Party, wants to tax "the rich" at 90%.

You go first, Bernie. Let's see you pay 90% of all your income into the government: your salary, your perks, your other income (like rental property), - ALL of it: 90% goes to the government.  Then convert all your assets like your multiple houses, yachts, etc. into cash and pay 90% of that to the government.  C'mon Bernie, show us the courage of your convictions.

Bernie's argument is: "It worked in the 1950's". OK, fine!  Let's go back to the 1950's.  Let's bring back ALL the things you love about the 50's.  Such things as:
  • Racial segregation.  
  • No women's lib: they cooked, cleaned, and raised the kids.
  • Men ruled the household. What they said was law.
  • Children were disciplined. They could get spanked by teachers, cops, anyone.
  • Television didn't exist.
  • No gun control: everyone could carry a weapon out in the open.
  • A huge reduction in taxes.  At least 75% of the taxes that exist now didn't exist then.
  • A huge reduction in regulations.  At least 75% of the regulations that exist now didn't exist then.
  • No pollution regulations.
  • No environmental regulations.
  • No gays.
  • No welfare.
  • No government programs like food stamps.
  • Everyone went into the military.
  • Everyone went to church.
  • Girls stayed home until they were married.
  • Men had to prove their worth to the father before they could even date their daughters.  If they wanted to marry the daughter, they had to prove they had a good job, and they had to get permission from the father.
  • No pre-marital sex.
  • Many marriages were arranged.  The girls had no choice.
  • Illegal aliens were rounded up and deported en masse. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Wetback
If the liberals want to bring back the 1950's taxation, then they can bring back ALL of the 50's.  I'm sure no liberals will complain.  Because it isn't just one thing that made the 50's work - it was a lot of things.  

If Bernie is unwilling to do that, then he can stuff it.

Carly Aggressively Goes After Hillary

Carly Fiorina is going after Hillary big-time.  She's in South Carolina right now, at the same time as Hillary, answering questions from the press. Which is something Hillary is *not* doing.  She's also launched a Twitter hashtag campaign called #AskHillary in which she encourages people to post questions for Hillary that the LameStream Media won't ask.

Here are a couple of the questions from the #AskHillary hashtag:

Erin M., Monks Corner – “Mrs. Clinton, The Clinton Foundation has been under fire in the media for accepting donations from foreign governments who were also lobbying the State Dept. while you were Secretary of State. What can you say to convince us it wasn’t a ‘pay to play?’”

Ben R., Myrtle Beach – “Mrs. Clinton, in hindsight, it seems clear we should have kept a troop presence in Iraq. Knowing what you know now, would you still vote against the surge in Iraq?”

Carly's doing an excellent job of positioning Hillary as an unresponsive elitist liar, and Hillary's doing a damn good job of acting like one.

Carly's also demonstrating exactly what a good political opponent, who really wants to win, should act like. She's going after the presumed candidate from the other side and not relenting.  Gee....if we'd had someone with balls like this back in 2008, we wouldn't be stuck with Barack Obama. But no, the GOP nominated John McCain, the Perfect Loser, so that he could throw the election.

Even if Carly doesn't win, if she keeps this up she's going to punch major holes in the Democrat platform as well as expose the GOP for exactly what they are: worthless.