Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Trey Gowdy for Attack Dog!

 I just marvel at the fact that Hillary is actually preparing a run for president. That woman has NOTHING to go on. She's totally unqualified.  She has NOTHING in her background that is applicable to the job she's applying for.

Oh sure, she was a Senator, but she did nothing (except bring higher unemployment to New York state.  That is, admittedly, something. But not something *positive*).  And as Secretary of State she REALLY did nothing.  For four years she did absolutely nothing.  Well, she did two things:
1. Misspell a "reset" button for Russia, so it said "overcharge". Demonstrating that she doesn't double-check her work before doing launching her program.
2. Let four Americans be brutally slaughtered by terrorists in Benghazi, then hide for several weeks so she could rehearse her answers to the investigating Senate committee.

I'd like to see Trey Gowdy run for president just so he could debate her.  She needs to be ripped to shreds in front of America over and over again until it sinks into the heads of even the feeblest of liberal brains that they're about to elect someone who has NO experience at ALL.  I don't care how many times she says it, it's impossible to learn how to be president - an executive - a manager of the highest level - just by talking to your husband at night. 

I'd like to see Trey Gowdy just rip her into little pieces: "Mrs. Clinton, you get a phone call that a mob of terrorists, all armed with AK-47's, have swarmed off a large ship in Miami, and are now in the lobbies of several large hotels, spraying bullets everywhere and brutally murdering everyone in sight. And now they're going room-to-room and slaughtering men, women, and children, all while screaming "Allahu Ackbar!".   What will you do?  What will you do RIGHT NOW???"

Hitlery would say something like "Well, I don't think that..." or "Before we do anything we'd have to..."

Trey jumps in:  "No, we KNOW what you would do. You'd do the same thing you did in Benghazi: NOTHING!  You would HIDE YOUR HEAD and hope that things worked out so you could take credit, and you would meet with your advisers to come up with someone else to blame.  In Benghazi you let four innocent Americans DIE!  Three brave Marines fought for seven hours and repeatedly begged for help, and you let them DIE!  HOW MANY AMERICAN HAVE TO DIE, MRS. CLINTON, BEFORE YOU'LL ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING??  Ten?  Twenty?  One Hundred???  How many? Tell us, right now, how many Americans have to die before you think it's a problem???"

But you know that's not going to happen. Instead we'll get Jeb Bush:
Hillary: "You're rich!"
Jeb: "Um...uh...well.." (hangs head and looks guilty).

So prepare for Queen Hillary.  And by "prepare" I mean: "Buy ammo and survival gear, and be ready for the Second American Revolution".

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The French Respond Properly to Evil

The French know how to respond to evil.  Twenty-six mosques around France have been subject to attack by firebombs, gunfire, pig heads, and grenades as Muslims are targeted with violence in the wake of the Paris attacks.  http://bit.ly/1ITlK6a

But how does Barack Hussein Obama respond to the terrorist attacks in France?  He doesn't attend a show of solidarity and then, when criticized for it, sends James Taylor to France to sing "You've Got a Friend". Pathetic.  http://tws.io/1y5MbSA 

I side with the French and their response to the massacre. The only way to stop evil violent people is to inflict violence upon them. 12 French writers were brutally massacred by radical Islamists. Then a Jewish grocery store was attacked and several patrons were killed.  The French government tried to excuse it all away, but the French people are having none of that pacifist bullsh*t.  And who can blame them?
Violent people only understand violence.  The only way to stop violent people is to fight back with worse violence.  Schoolyard bullies won't stop bullying until someone bigger than them (or worse...smaller than them) beats the living snot of out the bully until he/she is crying like a baby.  Then they stop. Why?  Because they only understand violence and pain.  When enough pain is inflicted on them, they stop.
The French are defending their homes, their families, and their countrymen from future attacks by radicals.  If they don't fight back, the radical Islamists will see that as weakness and continue the slaughter.  Only next time it will be worse.  So the French are showing the radical Islamists that the murder of French people will result in the deaths of many Islamists.
And what, you ask, of the innocent Muslims who could get caught up in this?  Hey...maybe they should be working to shut down the radicals, rather than referring to the French actions as "Islamophobia".  It's time for the Muslims to clean up their own backyard and get rid of the radicals rather than decrying what is a normal response to innocents being killed by extremists.


Friday, January 16, 2015

Obama the Dangerous Laughingstock

  • One week ago, 12 French writers were shot to death by Islamic terrorists.
  • Last Sunday, world leaders and 1 Million+ French people marched in Paris to show solidarity against terrorism.
  • On that day, Hussein Obama performed a *huge* gaffe: he skipped attending the France march so that he could watch football.  And he didn't send anyone from his administration.  The world noticed Obama, and America's, absence.

So what does Obama do, now that he realizes his huge political blunder?

He sends John Kerry to France, along with James Taylor so they can sing "You've got a friend" to the French people.


Unbelievable.  Totally un-f**king-believable.

Of all the childish, ineffective, and idiotic things Obama has done, this is the lowest he's ever sunk.  People are being murdered in France by terrorists, other Western countries are being threatened, and all the European people are rising up against it en masse, and the little man-child thinks that singing a song is going to fix his biggest blunder and convince France that we're on their side???  What a f**king idiot.

Obama needs to be removed from office now, before he does any more damage.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Protestors Threaten to Set Reporter on Fire

In 2008 and 2012 the LameStream Media twisted the news in order to get an unqualified community organizer elected president. In 2014 the LameStream Media twists and distorts the news in order to portray rioting thugs and vandals as "peaceful protestors".

Now the Frankenstein's Monster is turning on its creator. "Peaceful protestors" today threatened to set a local reporter on fire.

From the article: "Demonstrators at the protest began to threaten members of the media covering the vigil. One woman said she would set a KTLA photographer on fire."

And yet, the LameStream Media still sticks to their story about how the protestors are merely frustrated citizens who just want "justice".  Considering that news reporters covering protests are repeatedly beaten and robbed, I assume that the credo of the LameStream Media is "We'll bring you biased coverage, no matter how many reporters we have to go through".

Here's the story:

Sunday, December 28, 2014

How's that working out for you?

The whole "Black Lives Matter" thing has been going like mad for a couple of months now.  It's calmed down in most cities, but there are a few in which it is still going strong.  In fact, the protestors have moved on from just marching to violence.

But these are also the cities that are run by liberals. These are the cities who have been lecturing us "neandarthals" about how we have to 'evolve'; rather than face violence with violence, we need to "dialogue" with the rioters in order to make sure they feel their voices are heard. They will, of course, lay down their arms and be peaceful from that point forward.

Let's look into three liberal cities, to see how well this policy is working:

1. Hey liberal-run Portland: How's that "be nice to the protesting liberals and they'll sit down with you and talk out their grievances" policy working out for you?

2. Hey liberal-run New York: How's that "leave the protestors alone and instead indict your own police" policy working out for you?

3. Hey liberal-run Los Angeles: How's that "offer to 'dialogue' with the protestors, and they'll respect you and stop protesting" policy working out for you?

Yeah, that's what we figured.  This liberal canard is just a bunch of hokum, just like all the other liberal canards.  Being nice to rioters just causes more rioting and violence. 

That's why I'd much rather live in so-called (by liberals) 'racist' and 'backwards' Arizona.  Because we have a Sheriff who will arrest all rioting scumbags we have quiet streets, and any protestors *will* sit down and discuss things with the other side. After all, calm negotiation is much better than roasting in 110-degree heat in Sheriff Joe's infamous Tent City prison.

Friday, August 15, 2014

The Ferguson Frankenstein's Monster

In Mary Shelley's classic novel 'Frankenstein', Shelley warns against creating a 'monster', because the monster will turn against the creator sooner or later.  

The Democrats have spent decades creating a monster called 'hate whitey', and now it's turning against them.

Hillary was the first to get slammed; in 2008 Hillary thought she had the presidential election sewn up, but an unqualified community agitator beat her because he was black, and anything she said could be construed as "racist".  So after her fighting for 40 years portraying "whitey" as "the enemy", she gets recognized as "whitey", the "enemy" and Obama gets elected. (That's what I call poetic justice, by the way).

Now, the unrest and rioting in Ferguson, MO, is the 'monster' turning against its creator. The shouts of "Obama, you ain't done sh*t for us!" and "Al Sharpton, f*ck you!" ring through the streets like a clarion call to the angry masses. The shooting of the teenager started it, but the frustration and anger of the people are what's driving it. And that anger is the realization that black people have gotten screwed by the Democrats, and now they're waking up to that reality.

The tipping point was when Obama recently welcomed in millions of illegal immigrants while blacks are experiencing record crime and unemployment.  Black activists are demanding to know why Obama is giving the illegals $4.7 Billion to help them "assimilate", but nothing to the black people. Well, blacks, it's because the illegals are future Democrat voters! Your usefulness is used up, so now it's time for them to exploit a new minority.

The black community is finally waking up; the Democrats are the problem, not "whitey". All these years the Democrats have been promising the black community that they'd help them to prosperity and solve all their problems, and all these years they haven't. Crime and unemployment have soared in the black community, and all they've gotten is lip service from the Democrats.
It's all come to a boiling point, and the anger is being directed right where it belongs; toward the Democrats.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Prepare for Queen Hillary

The 2016 election has already been decided.  We might as well prepare for Queen Hillary and the accompanying socialism.

"Why", you ask?  It's obvious; the pieces are falling into place.

1. Hillary's big campaign slogan will be "break the final glass ceiling".
In other words, put her in office because she's a woman and you're all sexists if you don't.  That'll give the LameStream Media months of material to work with, building her up as a "woman" and totally ignoring that she's done nothing in her career except stick by a cheating husband and letting four Americans die in Benghazi.  (And she even has an answer for that: she was a victim! http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/05/30/Hillary-Im-the-Real-Victim-of-Benghazi).

2. The Professional Loser Party (the GOP) will be tied to the imaginary scandal of the Koch brothers.  Some liberal organization just came out with a movie about the Koch brothers and have tied it to the GOP.  So the GOP will be depicted as mere pawns of the so-called "evil" Koch brothers - not having any ideas that are good for the country, but instead just doing what the evil Koch brothers want done. Which shows the power of propaganda: in just 1.5 years, a pair of unknown business magnates have suddenly become the poster children of evil because Harry Reid has been speaking out about them every day until the LameStream Media picked up the ball and ran with it.

3. The PLP is busily putting their congressional shills back into office.  Mitch "Deer in the Headlights" McConnell and John "Boo Hoo" Boehner will win their offices and they'll proceed to hang their heads and  look guilty whenever an accusation is leveled at them, no matter how stupid, inaccurate, or downright false.

4. The PLP will nominate the most unelectable candidate ever; Jeb Bush.  The PLP members (Mitch the Mouse, Boo Hoo Boehner, etc) will immediately start a vicious fight against Rand Paul or Ted Cruz; energy and viciousness that should be leveled against Hillary will instead by focused on the only conservative candidates who will do the country good.

The outcome will be:
Jeb Bush will be portrayed as a pawn of the Koch brothers.  Hillary will be held up as a beacon of women's rights; her campaign will leverage the "War against women" meme, with the entire purpose being to "break the glass ceiling".  The LSM will run with that, all while ignoring the families of the four dead Americans in Benghazi and all the destruction wreaked by the last unqualified candidate put into office.  And all this time the PLP Congress will be busily hanging their heads and looking guilty so that they don't prevent Hillary from winning.

So we might as well accept that Hillary will be the next president. When that happens, expect socialism, if not communism.  IRAs and 401(k)'s will be taken by the government and distributed to "poor" people to "eliminate income inequality", hundreds of millions of illegals will be let into the country in order to assure a solid majority of Democrats voters, and Obamacare will become single-payer government health care, which means the quality will descend to the level of the VA hospital.  And all this time the LameStream Media will be cheering because a “woman is the president".

You know how people are bailing out of California in order to avoid the coming financial disaster?  I'm thinking it's time to bail out of this country.  Time to start looking at other countries where there's more opportunity.  I hear Australia is nice this time of year.