Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bernie Sanders: Raise Taxes to 90%!

Bernie Sanders, Communist candidate for the Democrat Party, wants to tax "the rich" at 90%.

You go first, Bernie. Let's see you pay 90% of all your income into the government: your salary, your perks, your other income (like rental property), - ALL of it: 90% goes to the government.  Then convert all your assets like your multiple houses, yachts, etc. into cash and pay 90% of that to the government.  C'mon Bernie, show us the courage of your convictions.

Bernie's argument is: "It worked in the 1950's". OK, fine!  Let's go back to the 1950's.  Let's bring back ALL the things you love about the 50's.  Such things as:
  • Racial segregation: Blacks sat in the back of the bus and didn't mingle with the white people.  
  • No women's lib: they cooked, cleaned, and raised the kids.
  • Men ruled the household. What they said was law.
  • Children were disciplined; they could get spanked by teachers.
  • Television didn't exist.
  • No gun control: everyone could carry a weapon out in the open.
  • A huge reduction in taxes.  At least 75% of the taxes that exist now didn't exist then.
  • A huge reduction in regulations.  At least 75% of the regulations that exist now didn't exist then.
  • No pollution regulations.
  • No environmental regulations.
  • No gays.
  • No welfare.
  • No government programs like food stamps.
  • Everyone went into the military.
  • Everyone went to church.
  • Girls stayed home until they were married.
  • Men had to prove their worth to the father before they could even date their daughters.  If they wanted to marry the daughter, they had to prove they had a good job, and they had to get permission from the father.
  • No pre-marital sex.
  • Many marriages were arranged.  The girls had no choice.
  • Illegal aliens were rounded up and deported en masse.
So yeah, if the libs want to bring back the 1950's taxation, then they can bring back ALL of the 50's.  I'm sure no liberals will complain.  Because it isn't just one thing that made the 50's work - it was a lot of things.  If the libs want the taxation of the 50's, then we bring back ALL of the 50's.

If not, then Bernie can stuff it.

Carly Aggressively Goes After Hillary

Carly Fiorina is going after Hillary big-time.  She's in South Carolina right now, at the same time as Hillary, answering questions from the press. Which is something Hillary is *not* doing.  She's also launched a Twitter hashtag campaign called #AskHillary in which she encourages people to post questions for Hillary that the LameStream Media won't ask.

Here are a couple of the questions from the #AskHillary hashtag:

Erin M., Monks Corner – “Mrs. Clinton, The Clinton Foundation has been under fire in the media for accepting donations from foreign governments who were also lobbying the State Dept. while you were Secretary of State. What can you say to convince us it wasn’t a ‘pay to play?’”

Ben R., Myrtle Beach – “Mrs. Clinton, in hindsight, it seems clear we should have kept a troop presence in Iraq. Knowing what you know now, would you still vote against the surge in Iraq?”

Carly's doing an excellent job of positioning Hillary as an unresponsive elitist liar, and Hillary's doing a damn good job of acting like one.

Carly's also demonstrating exactly what a good political opponent, who really wants to win, should act like. She's going after the presumed candidate from the other side and not relenting.  Gee....if we'd had someone with balls like this back in 2008, we wouldn't be stuck with Barack Obama. But no, the GOP nominated John McCain, the Perfect Loser, so that he could throw the election.

Even if Carly doesn't win, if she keeps this up she's going to punch major holes in the Democrat platform as well as expose the GOP for exactly what they are: worthless.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Leftists Begin Their Campaign of Fear-Mongering

The San Jose Liberal Mercury newspaper printed an article last Wednesday calling Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham the "faces of fear". Why? Because the Liberal Mercury doesn't like the fact that both Paul and Graham are Republicans and they don't approve of Hussein Obama's foreign policy and response to ISIS.

Liberals are so predictable: Whenever the Republicans start to get a foothold, the liberals respond with the meme of "fear-mongering". 

Setting aside all the riots and shootings we've had in the US lately thanks to Obama and his buddies, we have every reason to be fearful of ISIS. So far they've beheaded four Americans in the Middle East. In addition, they're killing Christians by the hundreds. They've also killed French people as well. Plus, we just had two ISIS-inspired terrorists try to attack an art show in Texas..but they got shot dead by the Texas PD. And let's not forget that ISIS has threatened the libs' Lord and Savior Barack Hussein Obama. So the threat is very real.

But that's what happens when the Liberal Merc puts a 22-year-old new-journalism-graduate in as a "political correspondent"; she writes whatever they tell her to write. 

When she prattles on and on about how the GOP is criticizing Obama's foreign policy, I respond "*What* foreign policy??"  Hussein's only foreign policy is "Let ISIS kill everyone.  I don't care because I have a golf game at noon".  But, as always, the libs are too stupid to see that. And the GOP is too cowardly to shut them up.  The problem is, this time their "fear-mongering" meme could lead to hundreds of dead Americans because the leftists just can't let go of their hatred of Republicans long enough to see that there's real danger to be concerned about.

But since ISIS isn't refusing to bake cakes for gay couples, all the shootings, beheadings, rapes, etc, just don't appear on the liberals' radar.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Jeb Bush: Candidate Without a Clue

Jeb Bush recently accidentally let slip that he's going to run for president.  He's also been hitting up donors for money. So it looks like he's actually going to make a run for it.

This just shows how clueless Jeb is. A recent Iowa poll shows he's dead last out of all the candidates; nobody wants him. So why will he run? Jeb will run because the GOP will push him to do so.

Why?  Because the GOP has got to have a *guaranteed* Loser who will throw the election to Hillary Clinton. They've got to have someone that can lose to an ugly, screeching, repulsive bitch who has absolutely *no* experience for the job. In her previous roles she has NO accomplishments and she let four Americans get butchered by terrorists. Then, include the fact that every day more evidence surfaces that she's a flat-out criminal who has put America in danger by selling America's uranium to our enemies in order to enrich herself to the tune of millions of dollars  Add all that up and you have someone who's so abhorrent that she will be very hard to lose to.

So the GOP has got to find the Perfect Loser - and Jeb fits the bill. The Democrats hate him because he's a Bush. The conservatives hate him because he's pro-amnesty and pro-Obamacare. No sane conservative will vote for him. Finally, he's an idiot - or at least, he sounds like one. So no independent will vote for him.

Add all that up, and you have The Perfect Loser: a guy who could lose to Hillary. And that's why the GOP will push him to run. They want him to lose. And lose he will.

That's why we need to start backing Rand Paul or Ted Cruz or anyone other than Jeb. Because the last thing this country needs right now is Hillary Clinton as president.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The GOP's Backup Loser!

In the event that the GOP's Chosen Loser, Jeb Bush, can't handle the strain of campaigning to lose, then the GOP has a Backup Loser: Chris Christie!

Chris Christie has proposed "reforming" Social Security by cutting off the benefits from people who have paid into it and slowly raising the age of eligibility.

Sure, Christie!  Great idea!  Let's "fix" Social Security by taking benefits away from people who've paid into it all their lives!.  

Let's not, for example, THROW ALL THE ILLEGALS OFF OF IT.  After all, just because they broke into the country, stole jobs from Americans, worked for cash under the table (thereby avoiding income taxes) and then returned to Mexico doesn't mean we shouldn't send them Social Security payments. Because there's what....only 20 million illegals?  That's not many, right?

And then there's all those anchor babies. A pregnant Mexican mama crawls across the border just in time to deliver her kid in the closest American hospital and poof! The kid's an American citizen and he/she gets a check from Social Security because Mama doesn't have a job! Then Mama keeps spitting out the kids because with each new bambino, she gets a bigger paycheck!  Yeah...let's keep that going at full speed!

And hey, while we're at it, let's just keep depositing all SS revenues from paychecks into the General Fund so that the politicians can spend it. Let's not lock it up in a safe account. Oh no, that would be too effective. Let's keep it in the GF so it can be spent without recourse. Yeah!  Great idea!

What an idiot. Only someone who wants to lose an election says something like that.  So if Jeb "I'm not my brother" Bush won't put up a struggle to lose the election, then the Professional Loser Party's next big hope is Chris Christie. Before he's even thrown his hat into the ring, he's set himself up to lose.


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Obamacare-Buyers Getting Screwed at Tax Time

There was a recent article by the AP titled: "Tax refunds for many take hit from health law". It's about how many taxpayers are getting screwed by Obamacare penalties and charges that they weren't expecting.

One sucker...I mean...Obamacare buyer said: ""I was expecting to get dinged a little bit, but I was actually kind of surprised when it came down that much".

Many years ago, when Obama was forcing Obamacare through Congress without even consulting the Republicans, the conservatives said that this would happen. Workers' hours would be cut, premiums would skyrocket, taxes would increase, and the IRS would slam everyone who bought Obamacare.

And we were right.  Why? It's in the numbers, not in the emotions.  But were we listened to?  Oh, no.  "Racists!" the liberals screamed.  "You don't like Obamacare because Obama's black!"  they wailed.

Now it's come back to bite them.  They're paying the piper, and will continue to pay because they just can't let go of their god-like image of Obama. They're being F-ed up the backside and their little childish minds won't let them admit they were wrong.

So enjoy getting screwed, liberals. You voted for Obama, you danced in the streets when Obamacare was passed, and now you're getting your comeuppance for not listening to the adults when you had the chance.

And the only thing I leave you libs with now is: Obama lied to you about Obamacare, and it's obvious now.  Just last week he said that he had swung some big deal with Iran and that there was no threat of them getting a nuclear weapon. Considering that he lied openly to you about Obamacare, are you going to believe his current comments about an 'agreement' with a known terrorist country that openly hangs gays, stones women to death, and swears that they'll destroy a sovereign nation?

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hillary's In It For The Money

Peggy Noonan recently wrote a very discerning article in the Wall Street Journal titled Hillary Seems Tired, Not Hungry. In it, Noonan details how Hillary's response to the email scandal seemed half-hearted.  According to Noonan, Hillary's comments were "...the thrown-together mess of someone who knew she was guilty of self-serving action".  And she's right.

Hillary doesn't care about being president. Nor does she care about serving the country. There's only one reason Hillary might run for office: Money.

Hillary only wants the money that comes with the presidency.  First, as president, she can live in the mansion that is the White House. Everything is paid for:  all the food, cooking, cleaning, dishes, furniture, utilities, travel, and entertainment.  *Everything* is paid for.  In addition, she would get the president's salary: at least $400,000 per year.  So all she has to do every morning is get up, sit through boring meetings, and then assign tasks to someone else.

Then there's the income after she's out.  First, the pension. She'll receive her entire salary for the rest of her life.  That's $500,000 per year.  Add in Bill's pension of $400,000 per year, and the two of them are collecting almost $1 Million per year in pension payments alone, all paid for by you and me.

$500,000 per hour:
Then, as the "first woman president", she can bump up her speaking fee from $300,000 per speech to $500,000 per speech. She could easily charge half-a-million-dollars for one speech. So if she gave two speeches per month she'd be pulling in $1 Million per month, which is $12 Million per year.  And she would, of course, have the payments made to the Clinton Foundation, so it would only be taxed at 5%. So she would collect $11,400,000 per year.  And that's on top of her pension and her other sources of income.

Don't let yourself be fooled. If Hillary runs for president, she's doing it for the money. She doesn't care about "women's rights" or minorities or anything else. Hillary cares about Hillary.  She's in it to get the big bucks so she can retire after four years, collect her $13 Million per year and spend the rest of her life swaggering in front of her uber-rich friends. Because when your life is as empty as Hillary's, you'll do anything to feel like you're important.