Thursday, August 1, 2013

Democrats fighting for Democrats: Women Suffer

CNN has an article about the Mayor Filner case:
"A lawyer for San Diego Mayor Bob Filner criticized the city for not providing sexual harassment training to the mayor, saying its failure to do so violated the law."

This should be entertaining!  

A Democrat mayor has been caught sexually harassing the women on his team.  But now it's suggested that the Democrats in the city of San Diego didn't train him in sexual harassment avoidance, so he "didn't know".  Meanwhile, it's also the responsibility of the person who's being harassed to attempt to stop it immediately, which is looks like they may not have done

So where are the feminists? Where is NOW?  Because they have a real quandary on their hands:
1. They usually rise up to protect "womyn" from sexual harassment.
2. But this guy's a Democrat, which means:
3. They have to admit that a Democrat can actually do something wrong.
4. Which they won't do.

So here's what will happen:
  • The women who've been harassed will be dumped like yesterday's garbage and have to live with the humiliation the rest of their lives. 
  • The mayor will get off scot-free except for the big payoff he'll get from suing the city, some of which he'll pay out to NOW for keeping their mouths shut.  He'll also get a job in the new Hillary administration because he's "learned from his mistakes".
  • NOW will also sue the city and collect millions in the name of "womyn everywhere" (except the women who were harassed).
  • The Lamestream Media will stay totally silent on this because it directly opposes their "republican war on women" meme.

Life is good in Democrat Utopia! Except, of course, for honest citizens.

If the women who were being harassed had had any brains, they would have blackmailed the mayor.  Big payoffs from a scared Democrat are much more lucrative than keeping your job.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Obama's Technology of the Future

A head-on train crash in Switzerland has injured 40 people:

This comes just days after 79 people are killed on a high-speed train derailment in Spain.  And that's just a few weeks after an oil train crash in Canada killed several people and burned a small town to the ground.

I'm SO glad the all-wise, all-seeing, all-knowing Barack Hussein Obama has decreed that trains shall be the technology of the future. Based on all the news reports lately, they're as safe as a vacation at the embassy in Benghazi!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Racial Profiling in the George Zimmerman Case

Every time you turn on the news or the talk shows, some left-wing idiot is repeating the same Joseph Goebbels big lie: that George Zimmerman "profiled" Trayvon Martin.  Despite there being no evidence anywhere, the delusions of these people are held up as more important than the reality of no evidence.

But actually, there IS evidence of profiling:

Trayvon Martin called George Zimmerman a "creepy-ass cracka".  "Cracker" is a derogatory word that blacks call whites.  The only time it's used is by blacks, referring to whites. And it's only used in a derogatory manner.  When Trayvon Martin used that term, race was injected into the situation.

So all of the big talk show names need to get a handle on this. Stop letting the liberals control the conversation. They have no evidence that this is race-based. Start slamming all the leftist guests about Trayvon's obvious racism.  Force them into defense mode by forcing the conversation back to where it should be: If the liberal is so against racism, then why are they not decrying Trayvon Martin's obvious racism?

Only by taking down liberals over this obvious lie will we get this stopped.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Members of the House Need Re-Training

There's an article today on Breibart: the House "leaders" are going to "educate" Americans about how good "immigration" is.

From the article:
"House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) will lead a tour of House leaders next week aimed at educating Americans, and each other, about the history and importance of immigration to the United States. The tour, dubbed the "Become America" tour, will feature events and speeches aimed at overcoming opposition to the passage of comprehensive immigration reform, which has stumbled amidst opposition from conservatives."

Eric Cantor and the rest of the Professional Loser Party in the House have forgotten what their jobs are. Their job isn't to "educate" us. Their job is to represent us: we tell them what to do, and they go do it.  75% of Americans don't want amnesty given to the illegals.  And yet, the PLP members in the House are pushing hard to give it to them.

So they've obviously forgotten what their job is.

The Amnesty Bill probably won't be passed before they leave for August recess. I'd say that, when they return to their home states, we "educate" them to remind them that their job is what we tell them to do, rather than what La Raza pays them to do.

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Rise of the New Hitler Youth

Today is the second day of the protests against the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the self-defense shooting of Trayvon Martin.  Instead of respecting the judgement of the jury, the screaming leftists have taken to the streets.  What started as merely a march has turned into violence and arrests.

But this is portending something more worrisome: what the protestors are becoming.  Take a look at the photo below. This is from New York where the protestors are blocking the streets:

 Notice all the hands, raised up to one person who's speaking?  Gee....where have we seen this before?

Oh yeah. We've seen that here:

What we're seeing is the rise of the New Hitler Youth: bands of screaming kids who have sworn their allegiance to a cause, whether it's right or not. 

The liberals of today are nothing but easily-led sheep.  All it takes is one emotional issue and constant coverage by left-wing biased media, and the rule of law is null and void.  This must be stopped.  If we want our country to survive and not descend into a pit of dictatorship where our every word is watched and punishment is swift, then we have to stop this stupidity right now.

How? Well, I can make a few suggestions, but the NSA is probably reading this blog. So let's just say that I'm going to encourage people to sit down together and have peaceful discussions over flowers and herbal tea and have an open and honest discussion about race and violence and peace and harmony.  Just make sure you have your firearms handy because whenever a conservative gets the better of a liberal in an argument, the liberal starts throwing punches. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Zimmerman Acquittal: Libs Hoisted by Their Own Petard

George Zimmerman has been found not guilty on all charges of the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.  And predictably, like the 4-year-olds that they are, the leftists are screeeeeeaaaming about how it was "injustice".

It's justice all right.  All of the evidence pointed to George Zimmerman's account being the truth, and no matter what the left says, Trayvon attacked Zimmerman and got shot for his actions.

But here's the real reason the leftists are really upset: they can't turn this into a racial thing because no white men were involved.

  • Zimmerman is Hispanic: A Race That Can't Be Racist.
  • Martin is black: A Race That Can't Be Racist.
  • The jury was all-women: A Gender That Does No Wrong.

So the libs are in a quandry because there's nobody to blame.  Oh, what to do, what to do?  Can't blame the evil white people because none were involved.

The leftists have painted themselves into a corner.  Here we have two minorities (protected classes Who Can Do No Wrong) who clashed and had an outcome.  Since they're minorities, though, racism wasn't involved.  The jury was composed of all women and the judge was a woman (a protected class Who Can Do No Wrong).

The libs have been hoisted by their own petard.  All their work trying to make the white race the evil doers of the world and all minorities as saints has backfired - a minority is dead and another minority is acquitted and goes free.

It's a dark day for the liberals. Their beloved schema of All Minorities Are Guilt-Free Because Of The Color Of Their Skin has fallen apart today.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Educating Illegals to Hate America

Janet Napolitano is leaving the Dept of Homeland Security to assume a new role as President of the University of California school system.

The article claims that it's "an unusual choice that brings a national-level politician to a position usually held by an academic…"

It's not unusual. It's part of the plan.  Janet Man-politano opened up the borders and let illegals flood in, so now it's time to educate them all to hate America.

And what method could be simpler than to head up the U of CA system, in a state with the largest amount of Hispanic illegals?  In her new role Janet will implement far-reaching Hispanic-only programs while making it a crime to speak out against illegal aliens.  Pretty soon everyone in California will hate white people, and La Raza will have taken over a state without firing a shot.

Once this "program" is shown to "work", then it'll be picked up by all the other universities in liberal states.  Pretty soon everyone will be required to speak Spanish, and pretty soon the white race will be forced to hide in the shadows.

Don't doubt me.  It'll happen.  Unless we do something to fix it NOW.  And voting in new RINOs is not going to work.  They've been paid off by the Democrats and/or La Raza so they're going along with it.

The only way to stop it now is revolution.  All politicians (and all liberals in general) need to be arrested, dragged out of office, and locked in a damp dark cell someplace, never to see the light of day ever again.  Then we repeal all liberal laws, seal up the border, and loosen all regulations that are strangling businesses.  That's the only way to take the country back and make us prosperous again.

...and if the NSA is reading this: screw you!