Saturday, May 16, 2015

Jeb Bush: Guaranteed Loser

Jeb Bush recently let slip that he's going to run for president.  He's also been hitting up donors for money. So it looks like he's actually going to make a run for it.

This just shows how clueless Jeb is. A recent Iowa poll shows he's dead last out of all the candidates; nobody wants him. So why will he run? Jeb will run because the GOP will push him to do so.

Why?  Because the GOP has got to have a *guaranteed* loser who will throw the election to Hillary Clinton. They've got to have someone that can lose to an ugly, screeching, repulsive bitch who has absolutely *no* experience for the job. In her previous roles she has NO accomplishments and she let four Americans get butchered by terrorists. Then, include the fact that more evidence surfaces every day that she's a flat-out criminal who has put America in danger by selling America's uranium to our enemies in order to enrich herself to the tune of millions of dollars.  Add all that up and you have someone who's so abhorrent that she will be very hard to lose to.

So the GOP has got to find the Perfect Loser - and Jeb fits the bill. The Democrats hate him because he's a Bush. The conservatives hate him because he's pro-amnesty and pro-Obamacare. No sane conservative will vote for him. Finally, he's an idiot - or at least, he sounds like one. So no independent will vote for him.

Add all that up, and you have The Perfect Loser: a guy who could lose to Hillary. And that's why the GOP will push him to run. They want him to lose. And lose he will.

That's why we need to start backing Donald Trump or Ted Cruz or anyone other than Jeb. Because the last thing this country needs right now is Hillary Clinton as president.

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  1. Jeb Bush as first loser is the best explanation I've heard so far. Bush1 gave us Clinton; Bush2 gave us Obama; whatever else, we can't afford another Bush!