Thursday, May 21, 2015

Leftists Begin Their Campaign of Fear-Mongering

The San Jose Liberal Mercury newspaper printed an article last Wednesday calling Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham the "faces of fear". Why? Because the Liberal Mercury doesn't like the fact that both Paul and Graham are Republicans and they don't approve of Hussein Obama's foreign policy and response to ISIS.

Liberals are so predictable: Whenever the Republicans start to get a foothold, the liberals respond with the meme of "fear-mongering". 

Setting aside all the riots and shootings we've had in the US lately thanks to Obama and his buddies, we have every reason to be fearful of ISIS. So far they've beheaded four Americans in the Middle East. In addition, they're killing Christians by the hundreds. They've also killed French people as well. Plus, we just had two ISIS-inspired terrorists try to attack an art show in Texas..but they got shot dead by the Texas PD. And let's not forget that ISIS has threatened the libs' Lord and Savior Barack Hussein Obama. So the threat is very real.

But that's what happens when the Liberal Merc puts a 22-year-old new-journalism-graduate in as a "political correspondent"; she writes whatever they tell her to write. 

When she prattles on and on about how the GOP is criticizing Obama's foreign policy, I respond "*What* foreign policy??"  Hussein's only foreign policy is "Let ISIS kill everyone.  I don't care because I have a golf game at noon".  But, as always, the libs are too stupid to see that. And the GOP is too cowardly to shut them up.  The problem is, this time their "fear-mongering" meme could lead to hundreds of dead Americans because the leftists just can't let go of their hatred of Republicans long enough to see that there's real danger to be concerned about.

But since ISIS isn't refusing to bake cakes for gay couples, all the shootings, beheadings, rapes, etc, just don't appear on the liberals' radar.

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