Tuesday, September 13, 2011

US poverty rate skyrockets to 1 in 6

From the Associated Press:

"The ranks of the nation's poor swelled to nearly 1 in 6 people last year, reaching a new high as long-term unemployment woes left millions of Americans struggling and out of work. The number of uninsured edged up to 49.9 million, the biggest in over two decades."

The number of  people in poverty has skyrocketed to record numbers during the Obama administration.  Even after the so-called "stimulus" bill was passed. Even with all the job summits and Obamacare and all the other Obama programs that were supposed to create "jobs, jobs, jobs", unemployment is near 10% and a record number of people are dirt-poor.

Where is John "Crybaby" Boehner on this? Where's the GOP equivalent of Hillary Clinton running into the Congressional Chambers waving a newspaper and demanding "What did Bush know and when did he know it??"?  Where is the GOP equivalent of Nazi Pelosi giving a press conference and screaming "Where are the jobs, Mr. President?" when unemployment during the Bush administration was 5%?

These new poverty numbers could be used to hit Obama over the head over and over and over again.  These numbers alone are enough to end his presidency, and when tied in with the crashing stock market, record unemployment, and record foreclosures, a ham sandwich could beat Obama in an election.  But where is the GOP to hit him with it?

They're AWOL. They're hiding. They're not saying a thing.  Why???

Because they're the PLP: The Professional Loser Party.  Their job is to LOSE to Obama.  They're not saying anything because that would cause Obama to lose the election, and that's not how it should be.

Rather than beating Obama over the head with all the things that are going wrong, they have their little debates and attack each other in order to cause confusion in the minds of the voters so they'll vote for Obama just because he's familiar.  Then the PLP will get paid under the table by the Democrats and they'll disappear for another four years.

Obama is a proven failure and he's running the economy into the ground, and the PLP says and does nothing.  It's obvious that the PLP is throwing this election.  They're just playing the game so that they can get paid off with the new tax money that'll be coming in when Obama care is fully implemented. Then they'll disappear and secretly work together to get another democrat elected.

Don't believe me?  Then prove me wrong. I dare you.
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