Monday, July 18, 2011

The Professional Loser Party

I've changed the name of the Republicans.  They're no longer the "GOP".

They're now the PLP - the "Professional Loser Party".  They're paid to lose every battle they get in to.

Here's why I say this:  They're just like professional wrestlers.  At the beginning of the wrestling season it's Mr. Colorful Costume vs. some guy in black trunks.  The guy in black trunks makes it look good;  he wrestles like there's a real fight going on and that he just might win. But at the last moment, Mr. Colorful Costume pulls a fancy maneuver and wins!  Hooray!  Everything is right with the world and the Professional Loser collects his pay and goes home.

So it is with the Republicans.  They don't fight.  It's obvious that they're paid by the democrats to put up a fight, but to ultimately lose all battles so that the democrats get their way.  Barack Obama has spent the country into insolvency, run unemployment into double-digits, and put more people onto food stamps than any other president.  But not a peep out of the Republicans.   

Outrageous Spending, Phony "Cutting":
Last year Obama proposed a $4 Trillion budget with a $1.4 Trillion deficit. That's the most outrageous amount of government spending EVER. And yet, the PLP didn't do a thing.  They should have gone on TV, laughed openly at Obama and then thrown it back into his face and said "Try again, amateur". But they didn't.  Instead they debated it and they "cut" a "historic" $38 Billion out of it - less than 1% of the total budget.  And that turned out to be smoke-and-mirrors. The actual "cut" was $22 Million, which is not even a rounding error.  $22 Million is .0005% of the total budget - that's 5 MILLIONTHS of the of the total budget.  Oh wow!  Good going, PLP!  Cut a whopping 5 millionths out of a budget from an amateur who's never managed anything in his life.

Poll-Tested Excuses:
And what was the PLP's response to the outrage of The People?  John "Crybaby" Boehner had a poll-tested answer already prepared: "We're only one-half of one-third of the government".   Yeah?  And you're up against an amateur who's run unemployment into the double-digits and a Democrat congress who's proven that they're corrupt (through bribing Obamacare into existence).  And yet the PLP has a pre-planned excuse for their inaction.

The GOP is the PLP - Professional Loser Party. They're getting paid to lose.  How, you ask?  Because every tax increase increases their paychecks.  And they're also probably getting paid under the table as well.   So from now on, I'm going to refer to them as the PLP. Because it's obvious that they're rolling over and submitting for a reason.

Forget the elephant.  Here's their new symbol. This is much more appropriate.


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