Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Impressive Use of Propaganda

Yahoo News has a story today stating "June housing starts at 6-month high, permits up"

Notice the use of the word "Housing"?  This is a story about how apartments are being built, not houses.  But the word "housing" implies that it's single-family homes being built, which is a sign of a recovering economy.  Nice job of misleading the public, yes?

And then there's this, also from the article:
"Confronted with plummeting home values, Americans are shunning homeownership, pushing up demand for rentals and helping construction to stabilize."

In the REAL (meaning, "non-liberal") world, when house prices drop, people rush out to *buy*.  People aren't avoiding buying houses because home prices are dropping. People aren't buying houses because THEY'RE UNEMPLOYED!  We've had double-digit unemployment for a record 30 months - the exact term of Barack Hussein Obama.  When people don't have money, they don't buy houses, which means the economy falters.  It's as simple as that.

This is a perfect opportunity to build the case that Barack Hussein is a communist who wants to control all income and hold the people down.  One of the first things that communists like Lenin and Stalin did was take people out of their homes and put them all into apartments.  After all, the masses are much easier to control when the government controls their housing.  Add in a monthly subsidy check, and you have a population that will enslave themselves to you willingly.  The PLP should point this out.  They could have the hatred of Obama at such a fever pitch by the 2012 elections that even democrats would vote against him.

But don't expect that any time soon from the PLP.  You know how they respond to anything:

Drag all the politicians out of office and throw them into prison where they can rot forever.

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