Thursday, July 9, 2015

Let's Ruin the Republican Brand!

Rep John Campbell was hosting the Hugh Hewitt show today.  During his commentary he was talking about Donald Trump. While he acknowledged that Trump was pointing out important issues, he was convinced that Trump, if he kept doing what he's doing, would "ruin the Republican brand".

My response: "Good! I hope he does!”

Because that’s exactly what we want!  The Republican "brand" is “Treason”.  The Republicans are lying, double-crossing, bought-off traitors.

The Republicans have proven over and over again that they're traitors to conservatives and America. They actively go out of their way to ensure Democrats hasten socialism to this great nation.

During the election of 2008 John McCain found out that Democrats had been caught stuffing ballot boxes.  He could have stopped the election right there, but he didn't: If John McCain had done the right thing, there would be *no* Obama. No Obamacare, no Obamatrade, no flood of illegals, no Fast and Furious, and no Benghazi. Instead, he just let it slide.  McCain is a traitor and an accessory to the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on America: Barack Hussein Obama.

In 2012 Mitt "Mittens the Kitten" Romney's campaign created an ad that would have ended Hussein Obama's campaign immediately. Using footage from Benghazi and Obama's non-response, Mittens could have bitch-slapped Obama completely out of the race by showing how Obama had deliberately ignored the pleas for help and let four Americans get brutally slaughtered in Benghazi:  But he didn't. Why?  Because he wasn't supposed to win. He was the chosen fall guy for the GOP. Mittens was, and is, a traitor to America.

In 2014 the Republicans ran their campaigns on "we'll stop Obamacare". As a result, they got a landslide sweep; taking control of the House and Senate. So what did they do? Two days after the election, John Boo-Hoo Boehner abandoned his campaign promises and gave Obama all the funding for Obamacare. We might as well have elected Democrats in 2014 for all the good they did.  They're on Obama's side, and they don't even hide it anymore.

So yeah, Trump may ruin their "brand". But who cares? Goodbye and good riddance! I HOPE that Trump ruins the Republicans. I hope his campaign and ultimate election destroys the Republicans for good, so we can replace them with a new political party. Because if Trump doesn't do it, there are a lot of conservatives who are going to rid America of the GOP one way or another. It's time to route out the RINOs and put real leaders into office.  Because we're not going to tolerate their treason anymore.


  1. Loved your blog post. Laughed a few times, in a good way... for instance... Mittens the Kitten. You speak what appears to be good truths.

    Who do we trust anymore? I am now all about term limits. These Rinosaurs must go. LOL. Thanks for your candid style. Keep up the good work.

    SJ - OnlineOnTheAir.Com

    1. Hi Stephen,
      Thanks for the kind words. Yes, it's hard to know who to trust anymore. I agree with you: term limits would be a good start. Career politicians need to be thrown out and replaced regularly.

  2. I feel the same way. I also like what Trump said off the cuff about McCain's so called hero status of which I've been a critic. I'm a born and raised Arizonan. Never have been a commie crat. A lot of us never much cared for McStain for a lot of reasons. Anyway, Trump makes me laugh simply because by his stirring the pot, the fools, the frauds and hidden enemies from within stick their pus filled craniums up for the world to see.....Tragically, even the Donald isn't that great either.....

    1. Hi Frank,
      I agree, McCain's a loser. As for Trump not being "that great" - yeah, maybe he's not the best, but he's a darn sight better than all those professional losers in the GOP.