Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bernie Sanders: Raise Taxes to 90%!

Bernie Sanders, Communist candidate for the Democrat Party, wants to tax "the rich" at 90%.

You go first, Bernie. Let's see you pay 90% of all your income into the government: your salary, your perks, your other income (like rental property), - ALL of it: 90% goes to the government.  Then convert all your assets like your multiple houses, yachts, etc. into cash and pay 90% of that to the government.  C'mon Bernie, show us the courage of your convictions.

Bernie's argument is: "It worked in the 1950's". OK, fine!  Let's go back to the 1950's.  Let's bring back ALL the things you love about the 50's.  Such things as:
  • Racial segregation.  
  • No women's lib: they cooked, cleaned, and raised the kids.
  • Men ruled the household. What they said was law.
  • Children were disciplined. They could get spanked by teachers, cops, anyone.
  • Television didn't exist.
  • No gun control: everyone could carry a weapon out in the open.
  • A huge reduction in taxes.  At least 75% of the taxes that exist now didn't exist then.
  • A huge reduction in regulations.  At least 75% of the regulations that exist now didn't exist then.
  • No pollution regulations.
  • No environmental regulations.
  • No gays.
  • No welfare.
  • No government programs like food stamps.
  • Everyone went into the military.
  • Everyone went to church.
  • Girls stayed home until they were married.
  • Men had to prove their worth to the father before they could even date their daughters.  If they wanted to marry the daughter, they had to prove they had a good job, and they had to get permission from the father.
  • No pre-marital sex.
  • Many marriages were arranged.  The girls had no choice.
  • Illegal aliens were rounded up and deported en masse.
If the liberals want to bring back the 1950's taxation, then they can bring back ALL of the 50's.  I'm sure no liberals will complain.  Because it isn't just one thing that made the 50's work - it was a lot of things.  

If Bernie is unwilling to do that, then he can stuff it.


  1. Great Idea to bring back "Happy Days".

    1. Only a leftist like Bernie Sanders thinks that taxing people more will make them more prosperous.