Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Professional Loser Party is in a Panic

Today's Benghazi testimony was really damning for both Hitlery Clinton and Hussein Obama.  The witness gave clear testimony about the attack and the attackers.  It was NOT a protest against a video, he said.  It was a terrorist attack.

Witness: YouTube Video a non-event in Benghazi:

And yet, both Hitlery and Susan Rice said that it WAS caused by a YouTube video:

Flashback: Hillary: Benghazi caused by YouTube Video:

Flashback: Susan Rice blaming it on the video:

I'll bet the Professional Loser Party (the GOP) is going to be up all night figuring out some way to get Hitlery off the hook because this is definitely harder than throwing the 2012 election! 

I'll bet you a cup of your favorite beverage that, before this is over, the PLP will do something spectacularly wrong so that the LameStream Media shifts focus on them and away from Hitlery. It could be a huge "racist" thing by a member of the PLP, or another affair by one of them, or they'll let leak that one of the witnesses used to hang out with the KKK, or something.  But it'll happen.  Before this is over, all blame and focus will be on the PLP and Hitlery will be off scott-free.

Mark my words. It'll happen.

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