Monday, May 6, 2013

Rubio's Amnesty Plan Will Cost You $5,575.00 per Year

Grateful illegals
 Marco Rubio (Democrat) is still pushing his amnesty bill.  He calls it “immigration reform”, but it’s really an amnesty bill that’s loaded up with extra spending, especially in his home state of Florida.

I want to focus on the most egregious part of this plan: the cost.   Not much has been said about this, and yet it’s crucial that we understand it, because it’s devastating.

The Heritage Foundation has calculated that Rubio's amnesty plan  would cost $6.3 TRILLION dollars.

Cost of Being Screwed by Illegals
Let’s figure out how much we, the individual person, will pay each year in taxes to give the illegals amnesty.

Rubio’s Amnesty bill will cost American taxpayers $6.3 TRILLION dollars.
$6.3 Trillion/ 113 Million (taxpayers) = $55,752.00 per taxpayer.

But that's "over ten years". Here's how that breaks out:
$55,752/10 = $5,575.00 per taxpayer every year.
$5,575.00/12 = $464.00 per month

Do YOU have an extra $500 per MONTH to give to the government?  Given your bills and expenses, and rising gas and food prices, do YOU have an extra $500 per month to pay the government so they can forgive and then legalize 20 Million lawbreakers?  Yeah.  I don't either.

Better life for them, worse life for you
Pro-illegals say that illegals are here to “make a better life for themselves”.  Yeah?  But will it make YOUR life better to be losing an additional $500 every month?  No. It’ll make YOUR life worse. But the Democrats really don’t care. They think it’s funny.  They’ve just gotten you to pay for 20 Million new voters for them.

Do you now see the corruption in Washington?  They come up with a plan to get 20 Million new voters and they force YOU to pay for it.

And by “force”, I MEAN “force”. Realize this: that $500 isn’t something you can refuse to pay.  It’s a TAX.  You HAVE to pay it.  It’s the law that you pay taxes.  If you don’t pay it, the IRS will take over your bank accounts, garnish your wages, and take your house and car and sell them to pay the taxes.  You have NO CHOICE.  If this bill passes, you MUST pay that extra $500 every month.

This has got to stop. Call your Senator.  Tell him or her that you won’t support them again, and you’ll actively work to turn the illegals against them.  Call ALL the Senators.  The general switchboard number is: (202) 224-3121.  Call them and tell them to vote NO.  And clog their emails and faxes with messages.  If they give you some kind of curt answer, then call your local conservative talk radio show and let them know how you were treated. If enough people start shaming Congress, they’ll think twice about their vote.

We have to stop this amnesty plan. This will cost you and me and everyone an extra $500 per month, every month. You could buy a new car with that. Don’t lose your freedom or your comfort just because some Democrat wants an easy way to get more votes.  Call your Senator and help put a stop to this NOW.

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