Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lawful Gun Ownership Saves Two Lives

"If it saves just one life, then it's worth doing." -Barack Hussein Obama, speaking on gun control.

Here's a story about a retired couple who saved their own lives by shooting a scumbag who had broken into their home in the middle of the night:

Since lawfully owning and using a firearm saved TWO lives, then it stands to reason that legal ownership by law-abiding citizens is much more effective in saving lives.

The next time your gun-grabbing liberal friends whine about "saving lives", tell them this story and then demand that they retract their statement. Then stand back because you might get covered with cobwebs and dead moths when their heads explode.


  1. LOL. Liberals will just claim that this is Republican/NRA propaganda.

  2. Of course they will. But we just keep stocking up on ammo and taking out the bad guys, and to hell with what the libs say.