Monday, September 21, 2015

2016 Election was Thrown from the Start, Part One

The 2016 election was thrown from the start ….until now.

The Initial Plan:
The outcome of the 2106 election had been decided by the political elites a long time ago.  The match-up was going to be between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, and Hillary would win.  But that's changing as The People take action.

The "plan" is obvious when you look at both current and recent-past events.

First, the Republicans. 
Jeb Bush was talking about running for president as far back as June of 2013. He was already hinting at his losing platform of old, failed tactics that never work. He and the GOP were starting the propaganda campaign to soften up the conservatives and convince them that Jeb was the only way to go because we need a “moderate” Republican to win against Hillary.  This tactic is totally wrong if they were trying to win, as was proven by John McCain and Mitt Romney.  But the GOP was beginning their plans to soften up the conservatives so they would accept another loss. 

Trump, the Unexpected Candidate
The GOP was *not* expecting Donald Trump to enter the race.  Trump came on strong and spoke the viewpoints of The People: not just conservatives, but some Democrats as well.  Trump openly pointed out the scourge of illegal immigration: not only the crime but also the stealing of jobs.  Trump represents entrepreneurship: going out and making yourself a success despite all odds. Because of this, the conservatives turned toward Trump. The conservatives want that kind of leadership. They want a person who’s made himself into a success; not some namby-pamby “reach-across-the-aisle-to-the-Democrats” and “we-won’t-build-a-fence” sissy like Jeb Bush. 

Carson: Unexpected Candidate #2

The GOP also wasn’t expecting Dr. Ben Carson. Carson is a self-made man. He’s a very successful neurosurgeon. He, too, represents how anyone can make themselves successful by applying themselves to the task at hand and striving to get better all the time. The fact that he’s black is irrelevant; he’s a success, and conservatives (and conservative Democrats) admire that, and want that.

That’s why the GOP is attacking Trump and ignoring Ben Carson. They don’t want either of them to stop their gravy train. If Trump becomes president, the GOP will be forced to do actual work. The free ride will be over and they’ll be held accountable for their actions. That’s the last thing the GOP wants, so they’re doing their best to discredit him. But it’s not working. The harder they try, the more obvious it becomes that they’re trying to keep the status quo and not fix the problems the country is encountering.

So the Republicans have a serious problem. Jeb was supposed to throw the race to Hillary. With Trump and Carson ahead in the polls and Jeb quickly sinking, their well-laid plans are suddenly out the window.  It's panic time, and they have to think of something fast.

But they're not the only ones with problems. The Democrats have their own problems. And that's the subject of Part Two.

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