Thursday, September 10, 2015

Democrats: Obama was a Fluke!

An interesting shift has happened in the people the Democrats pick for presidential candidates.  It's one that represents how the Democrats think

Let's go back to 2008 and the rise of Hussein Obama. John McCain was portrayed as an old white guy; an old and out-of-touch white guy who couldn't relate to the young diverse voters. Obama was the big new thing: a young "leader" who could inject life into America. During his first four years that's all the media talked about: How Obama had brought in the "young" vote. Obama was the leader of the Millenials - the future leaders of the country!

Now we're in 2016: eight years later.  Who are the candidates?

1. Hillary: a 69-year-old white woman.
2. Bernie Sanders: a 74-year-old white guy.
3. Joe Biden: a 72-year-old white guy.

What happened to the "youth" vote? What happened to the "young leaders"?  After 8 years of a young black guy as president, why are the Democrats switching back to old white people for candidates?

Good question, isn't it?

Obama was a Fluke.  An Anomaly.
The Democrats didn't want Obama but he had too much momentum, so they went along with his campaign. He's an unqualified idiot and the Democrats knew it, but they weren't going to say anything because if they *did* say something Al Sharpton would turn his horde of angry black people against them and they'd lose their cushy jobs.  Now that his eight years are up, they're going right back to what they really wanted, which is putting old white people into office so they can continue raising taxes and screwing the public.

There's no "Obama" in this election cycle, and any potential Obama who tries to campaign will get quickly shut down. Why?  Because there's too much at stake here to trust the country with another young upstart. Obama stirred up racial hatred and public unrest to a level the Democrats weren't expecting, and the conservatives revolted and are pushing Trump - a capitalist who's cutting through the political bullcrap and laying out a plan for the individual American. So now the Dems have to put an old white person in charge so they can continue their *quiet* move toward socialism without some upstart radical stirring up unrest so that The People revolt.

Democrat Voters: You're Being Scammed
So if you're a young and/or diverse Democrat and you believe that the Democrats represent you and your viewpoints, think again.  Take a look at the presidential candidates the Democrats have.  The next time Bernie/Biden/Hillary raise their old white heads and give a speech, just remember: they're a representation of the true nature of the Democrats' political machine.  You don't matter to them. You're just a cog who has no say in their march to socialism.

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