Monday, August 24, 2015

Donald Trump Bitch-Slapping the GOP

There was an article in The Atlantic magazine about Donald Trump and how he, as the front-runner, might be impacting the Republican Party.  

In order to get an "unbiased" story, The Atlantic interviewed Lindsey Graham, the 15th-place candidate. A person who's openly stated that he wants to give amnesty to the 20 million illegal aliens in America.  Here are my thoughts when I read the article.

The Atlantic said:
"...Trump's surprising staying power"
That reminds me of how the LSM would always say "unexpected" whenever their beloved Obama's unemployment rate went up instead of down.  We can expect to hear "surprising" for the rest of the campaign season as Trump keeps going up in the polls. 

>Graham calls him “a huckster billionaire whose political ideas are gibberish.” And while he expects voters eventually to come to their senses, he said, “I think a certain amount of damage has been done already.”<
We have come to our senses, Lindsey Grahamesty!  That's why we're supporting Trump and not one of you open-borders, debt-increasing, no-budget, Obamacare-supporting, roll-over-and-give-Obama-everything-he-wants Professional Losers.

>Party elites can already envision the attack ads of sad-eyed children being torn from their parents.<
That's exactly how Professional Losers think.  They're worried about how they might get attacked. People who want to win envision their own ads: photos of innocent men and women gunned down in the prime of life by tattooed Mexican gang members who are here illegally, and then blame it all on the Democrats. Kate Steinle, the young woman from San Francisco who was killed by an illegal, would be the perfect place to start.  But do they do that?  No.  Why?  Because the establishment Republicans are professional losers. They're always thinking of how to throw the election to the Democrats.

I'm really glad Trump is in the race. He's bringing a message and a determination that conservatives have been wanting for years.  And as for him "not being the nominee", he will be. Whether as a Republican or as an independent, he'll be the nominee. And the Professional Lose Party will be sent packing into the pages of history, victims of their own cowardice.

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