Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Jeb Bush is Fighting Hard to Lose

Have you ever seen a candidate work so hard to lose?  Jeb Bush isn’t even hiding the fact that he’s out to lose the election.

Here’s what he’s done: He started by pretending to be concerned about illegal immigration.  He used the term “anchor baby”.  Hillary, predictably, attacked him on that.  Bush didn’t fight back. Instead, he moved into defense mode (typical Professional Loser behavior) by saying that the illegal problem is *Asians*. 

Bush ignores the millions of Hispanics and OTMs (“other than Mexicans”) that swarm across the border illegally and then set about robbing, raping, murdering, selling drugs, overcrowding schools, and draining our social services, and instead attacks Asians who get a Visa.

So he’s pissed off two groups: Hispanics and Asians. And now he’s out defending himself again because the LameStream Media is attacking him on that. He’s barely started his campaign and he’s already in defense mode.

Never forget: Jeb Bush’s job is to lose the election. The Professional Loser Party (the GOP) is bound and determined to lose the election, so they’ve selected the one person who is guaranteed to lose to Hillary. 

Hillary is an inexperienced repulsive bitch who’s being investigated for selling national secrets.  At the rate her poll numbers are dropping, she couldn’t win an election to be a dogcatcher. So the GOP needs a Guaranteed Loser.  And that Guaranteed Loser is Jeb.  A bumbling drooling idiot who ignores real problems and instead actively works to say stupid things so the he can get attacked by the LameStream Media.

We need Donald Trump. Trump, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Scott Walker, and Carly Fiorina are all good candidates who would summarily beat Hillary, Sanders, and/or Giggling Joe Biden.  We should all be working to get a good candidate nominated so we can take down the Democrat machine.

Because if Jeb Bush is nominated, then get used to saying “President Hillary”, because Jeb will do his level best to lose the election in a landslide.

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