Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Jorge Ramos Acts Like an Illegal Alien

Donald Trump and Jorge Ramos of Univision got into a tiff today at a press conference held by Trump. Trump was calling on reporters one-by-one in order to answer questions, and Jorge started talking out-of-turn and demanding answers.  After asking Jorge to wait his turn a few times, Trump had him ejected from the press conference.

Now we know why Jorge loves illegals so much: he acts like one.

1. He doesn't care about other people.
2. He jumps to the head of the line, forcing others out of the way.
3. He doesn't follow the rules.
4. He doesn't listen, he just keeps talking.
5. He keeps demanding things, even when told no.
6. When dealt with, he starts screaming about "his rights".

Trump did to Jorge what needs to be done to all illegals: he threw him out.  The other reporters were patiently waiting their turns, and Trump was answering the questions that were asked of him.  Ramos thought he could just jump in and make a scene without caring about the other reporters.  He was dealt with appropriately.  Now we just need to do this with ALL illegals, because it sure worked with this one.

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