Saturday, April 7, 2012

March Unemployment Rate Climbs, Libs Twist the Truth

Last Friday, reported the March jobs report; Obama-caused unemployment has risen to 8.2%.  This was widely seen as a big disappointment, but managed to find a "silver lining".

The so-called "underemployment rate", which counts jobless people looking for work, part-time workers who need full-time jobs and discouraged job seekers, fell to a three-year low of 14.5% from 14.9% in February.
"When that rate falls, it's a sign not only of less economic pain, but also that the economy is operating closer to full capacity", said Heidi Shierholz, labor economist with the Economic Policy Institute, a liberal think tank.

The economy is operating close to "full capacity"??  This is "full capacity"?  Wow.  Just goes to show what happens when a socialist government takes over the media.  Who decided that this is "full capacity", anyway?
>a liberal think tank.<
Ah! That explains a lot.

Actually, this may be full capacity since Hussein has put the clamps on the oil industry, the banking industry, the car industry, the energy production (coal fired power plants) industry, and a host of other industries.

If The People really wanted to see "full capacity", they'd force Hussein to remove all those clamps on industry. Then it would boom like they've never seen.  But the libs can't have that. After all...liberalism is based on shared misery.  And there's still a whole lot to spread around.

Jeez Louise.  Arrest all liberals, put them on a plane, and drop them on Iran.

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