Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Obama Gas Shortage is Here

ABC News ran a story about rising gas prices yesterday called "Price Shock".  During the story, the price of gasoline displayed on a gas station sign behind the reporter jumped ten cents.

ABC News was, of course, shocked to see prices increase that quickly.  I'm sure it was "unexpected" to them. But hey...what the heck do they expect?  Their Marxist Messiah is doing all he can to drive prices up by killing American-produced oil and making us more dependent on his Muslim buddies' Middle East oil.

Let's review what Hussein Obama has done:
Obama is actively shutting down oil production in favor of the unproven "green" energy alternatives in order to funnel money to his campaign donors and political buddies.  Obama doesn't care that gas prices are going up....he gets all his gas for free. And he'll get it free for the rest of his life. This is no skin off his nose, so why should he care?

We, on the other hand, are getting screwed.  All because "free-gasoline" Obama is too busy paying off his campaign donors to care. And because the "we get free gasoline too" members of the GOP, the Professional Loser Party, don't care either.

The Obama-caused gas shortage is almost here.  Expect to see rationing and gas lines soon.  And expect to see a finger-wagging Obama on TV soon, telling us that we waste too much gasoline.  If that isn't enough to make you take up protest signs and storm the White House, nothing will.

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