Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Coming Gas Shortage

 Iran has stopped selling crude oil to British and French companies in retaliatory action against fresh EU sanctions on the Islamic state.  Industry sources said that Iran's top oil buyers in Europe were making substantial cuts in supply months in advance of European Union sanctions, reducing flows by more than a third - or over 300,000 barrels daily.

Who else is pushing sanctions against Iran?  Oh yeah.....Barack Hussein Obama.  So what's going to come of this?  Iran cuts off our oil and gas prices skyrocket. 

The Coming Obama-Caused Gas Shortage:
This is a conspiracy by the Obama administration to control the American people. Consider these facts:

 Am I the only one who sees a pattern emerging?  Obama is deliberately cutting off gasoline production in America, causing mass shortages which will allow him to push his radical green agenda.

More annoying, though, will be Obama's reaction to it.  This will be another "eat your peas" moment for Obama as he scolds Americans for "using too much oil".  Obama won't care, and neither will Congress because they get their gasoline free at the taxpayer's expense.  They even have the Strategic Oil Reserve at their disposal.  So they really don't give a spit.

But not you and I. We'll be stuck in our cars that can't go anywhere or in long gas lines.  And Obama will pass strict gas-usage regulations to "help" in a crisis the he created.  So we'll be less mobile and more miserable. And it's all caused by Obama; an unqualified radical leftist that was pushed into office by the LameStream Media.

Obama and ALL of congress need to be dragged out of their offices, locked up for treason, and replaced with real Americans who have America's values in mind.  It's the only way to solve the crisis that's coming.

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