Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Arizona Centennial: Portrait of a Successful State

Happy Birthday, Arizona!

On February 14th, 1912, Arizona officially became a state in the United States of America.  And a great state it is, too!  Despite being in the middle of the desert with very little in natural resources, Arizona has become one of the powerhouse states of the union, supplying food, water, and electric power to states around it; particularly California.  Good job Arizona! 

Let's look at the good things that have happened recently, shall we?

First, Sheriff Joe Arpaio began serious focus of law enforcement around arresting and deporting illegal immigrants.  And despite the still-unproven accusations of racism from the leftists, here are the results:
  • 2008: Violent crime in Maricopa County plummeted 20%.
  • 2009: Violent crime in Maricopa County plunged another 18%.

Jan Brewer became governor in 2010.
This was followed by:

Result of all of this:
Hundreds of thousands of illegals have left the state, the crime rate has plummeted, and Jan Brewer and the Republicans have turned a budget deficit into a balanced budget with a surplus within the three years that Jan's been governor (Janet Napolitano left a deficit...but what do you expect? She's a liberal).  Which just goes to prove, once again, that conservatives build states, liberals destroy them.

So, yes, Arizona doesn't have the most temperate climate, and yes, the summer heat in the valley is nothing short of hellish, and yes, all we have is cactus and scrub brush (except for the high desert, which is beautiful), and yes, we don't exactly get along with the scorpions and javelinas, but we have a conservative governor who loves this state, a Sheriff who protects the legal citizens, a Republican legislature that allocates money to public safety and infrastructure and still can provide money for the downtrodden, and we have legal law-abiding citizens; Caucasian, Hispanic, Native American and all other races, creeds, and religions, who also love the state, work together, and want Arizona to prosper because they know that when AZ is prosperous, we all are.

So Happy Birthday Arizona!  I'm proud to be a citizen, and I look forward to many more years of prosperity.  When the cities in the liberal states are burning due to riots by illegals and arrogant unwashed hippies, we'll still have safe streets, friendly people, and a booming economy.

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