Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Eric Holder being investigated by Arizona

The State of Arizona has launched an investigation into "Fast and Furious".  Eric Holder and his entire staff are now under investigation to see if they broke any state laws by starting this program without notifying Arizona.


As you recall, Eric Holder and his Department of Injustice illegally sold weapons to known Mexican drug cartel members through gun stores in Arizona.  Holder didn't notify AZ or Mexico, they just did it.  Their purpose was to try to convince Americans that most of the violence in Mexico was caused by guns purchased in America, so they could implement stiffer gun control laws.  What happened, though, was that the guns were never tracked, and then an American Border Patrol agent was killed with one of the guns. 

As a result, the cover was blown off the scandal and Eric Holder was fingered as having planned the whole thing.  He's being investigated by Congress, and now the state of Arizona is also investigating him.

You can see why I like this state.  There are some serious badasses in law enforcement here, and they don't let *anyone* get away with breaking AZ's laws.


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