Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Obama Showers Terrorists with Our Money

Barack Hussein Obama’s ridiculous 2013 budget proposal calls for a staggering $800 Million to be given freely to the hostile Islamic radicals he helped take over Egypt.  From the article: "The White House announced plans on Monday to help “Arab Spring” countries swept by revolutions with more than $800 million in economic aid, while maintaining U.S. military aid to Egypt."

Question: are these the same Islamic radicals who just tried to kill hundreds of innocents in Bangkok? Why, yes they are.  So why are we giving them money?

800 Million dollars would fund a lot of schools in America. It would also build a nice strong fence at the southern border and stop all the illegals who invade America and rape our children and murder our citizens.  But Hussein Obama doesn't want that.  He'd rather support his Muslim buddies than to help the eeeevil America...the country that Michelle is finally proud of.

The Republicans should use this bit of information to smear Obama every day...it's a waste of taxpayer dollars that could be used to help Americans rather than people who have sworn to kill us just because we're not Muslims. 

Psychologists say "Don't judge a person by his words.  Judge him by his actions".  If Obama was serious about rebuilding America and "keeping the economy growing", he wouldn't be giving money to terrorists. He'd be using that money to fund all his "jobs" programs.  But it's obvious through his actions that Hussein Obama's goal is to fund terrorism.   

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