Friday, January 16, 2015

Obama the Dangerous Laughingstock

  • One week ago, 12 French writers were shot to death by Islamic terrorists.
  • Last Sunday, world leaders and 1 Million+ French people marched in Paris to show solidarity against terrorism.
  • On that day, Hussein Obama performed a *huge* gaffe: he skipped attending the France march so that he could watch football.  And he didn't send anyone from his administration.  The world noticed Obama, and America's, absence.

So what does Obama do, now that he realizes his huge political blunder?

He sends John Kerry to France, along with James Taylor so they can sing "You've got a friend" to the French people.


Unbelievable.  Totally un-f**king-believable.

Of all the childish, ineffective, and idiotic things Obama has done, this is the lowest he's ever sunk.  People are being murdered in France by terrorists, other Western countries are being threatened, and all the European people are rising up against it en masse, and the little man-child thinks that singing a song is going to fix his biggest blunder and convince France that we're on their side???  What a f**king idiot.

Obama needs to be removed from office now, before he does any more damage.

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