Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Protestors Threaten to Set Reporter on Fire

In 2008 and 2012 the LameStream Media twisted the news in order to get an unqualified community organizer elected president. In 2014 the LameStream Media twists and distorts the news in order to portray rioting thugs and vandals as "peaceful protestors".

Now the Frankenstein's Monster is turning on its creator. "Peaceful protestors" today threatened to set a local reporter on fire.

From the article: "Demonstrators at the protest began to threaten members of the media covering the vigil. One woman said she would set a KTLA photographer on fire."

And yet, the LameStream Media still sticks to their story about how the protestors are merely frustrated citizens who just want "justice".  Considering that news reporters covering protests are repeatedly beaten and robbed, I assume that the credo of the LameStream Media is "We'll bring you biased coverage, no matter how many reporters we have to go through".

Here's the story:

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