Sunday, December 28, 2014

How's that working out for you?

The whole "Black Lives Matter" thing has been going like mad for a couple of months now.  It's calmed down in most cities, but there are a few in which it is still going strong.  In fact, the protestors have moved on from just marching to violence.

But these are also the cities that are run by liberals. These are the cities who have been lecturing us "neandarthals" about how we have to 'evolve'; rather than face violence with violence, we need to "dialogue" with the rioters in order to make sure they feel their voices are heard. They will, of course, lay down their arms and be peaceful from that point forward.

Let's look into three liberal cities, to see how well this policy is working:

1. Hey liberal-run Portland: How's that "be nice to the protesting liberals and they'll sit down with you and talk out their grievances" policy working out for you?

2. Hey liberal-run New York: How's that "leave the protestors alone and instead indict your own police" policy working out for you?

3. Hey liberal-run Los Angeles: How's that "offer to 'dialogue' with the protestors, and they'll respect you and stop protesting" policy working out for you?

Yeah, that's what we figured.  This liberal canard is just a bunch of hokum, just like all the other liberal canards.  Being nice to rioters just causes more rioting and violence. 

That's why I'd much rather live in so-called (by liberals) 'racist' and 'backwards' Arizona.  Because we have a Sheriff who will arrest all rioting scumbags we have quiet streets, and any protestors *will* sit down and discuss things with the other side. After all, calm negotiation is much better than roasting in 110-degree heat in Sheriff Joe's infamous Tent City prison.

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