Friday, August 15, 2014

The Ferguson Frankenstein's Monster

In Mary Shelley's classic novel 'Frankenstein', Shelley warns against creating a 'monster', because the monster will turn against the creator sooner or later.  

The Democrats have spent decades creating a monster called 'hate whitey', and now it's turning against them.

Hillary was the first to get slammed; in 2008 Hillary thought she had the presidential election sewn up, but an unqualified community agitator beat her because he was black, and anything she said could be construed as "racist".  So after her fighting for 40 years portraying "whitey" as "the enemy", she gets recognized as "whitey", the "enemy" and Obama gets elected. (That's what I call poetic justice, by the way).

Now, the unrest and rioting in Ferguson, MO, is the 'monster' turning against its creator. The shouts of "Obama, you ain't done sh*t for us!" and "Al Sharpton, f*ck you!" ring through the streets like a clarion call to the angry masses. The shooting of the teenager started it, but the frustration and anger of the people are what's driving it. And that anger is the realization that black people have gotten screwed by the Democrats, and now they're waking up to that reality.

The tipping point was when Obama recently welcomed in millions of illegal immigrants while blacks are experiencing record crime and unemployment.  Black activists are demanding to know why Obama is giving the illegals $4.7 Billion to help them "assimilate", but nothing to the black people. Well, blacks, it's because the illegals are future Democrat voters! Your usefulness is used up, so now it's time for them to exploit a new minority.

The black community is finally waking up; the Democrats are the problem, not "whitey". All these years the Democrats have been promising the black community that they'd help them to prosperity and solve all their problems, and all these years they haven't. Crime and unemployment have soared in the black community, and all they've gotten is lip service from the Democrats.
It's all come to a boiling point, and the anger is being directed right where it belongs; toward the Democrats.

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