Thursday, June 5, 2014

Prepare for Queen Hillary

The 2016 election has already been decided.  We might as well prepare for Queen Hillary and the accompanying socialism.

"Why", you ask?  It's obvious; the pieces are falling into place.

1. Hillary's big campaign slogan will be "break the final glass ceiling".
In other words, put her in office because she's a woman and you're all sexists if you don't.  That'll give the LameStream Media months of material to work with, building her up as a "woman" and totally ignoring that she's done nothing in her career except stick by a cheating husband and letting four Americans die in Benghazi.  (And she even has an answer for that: she was a victim!

2. The Professional Loser Party (the GOP) will be tied to the imaginary scandal of the Koch brothers.  Some liberal organization just came out with a movie about the Koch brothers and have tied it to the GOP.  So the GOP will be depicted as mere pawns of the so-called "evil" Koch brothers - not having any ideas that are good for the country, but instead just doing what the evil Koch brothers want done. Which shows the power of propaganda: in just 1.5 years, a pair of unknown business magnates have suddenly become the poster children of evil because Harry Reid has been speaking out about them every day until the LameStream Media picked up the ball and ran with it.

3. The PLP is busily putting their congressional shills back into office.  Mitch "Deer in the Headlights" McConnell and John "Boo Hoo" Boehner will win their offices and they'll proceed to hang their heads and  look guilty whenever an accusation is leveled at them, no matter how stupid, inaccurate, or downright false.

4. The PLP will nominate the most unelectable candidate ever; Jeb Bush.  The PLP members (Mitch the Mouse, Boo Hoo Boehner, etc) will immediately start a vicious fight against Rand Paul or Ted Cruz; energy and viciousness that should be leveled against Hillary will instead by focused on the only conservative candidates who will do the country good.

The outcome will be:
Jeb Bush will be portrayed as a pawn of the Koch brothers.  Hillary will be held up as a beacon of women's rights; her campaign will leverage the "War against women" meme, with the entire purpose being to "break the glass ceiling".  The LSM will run with that, all while ignoring the families of the four dead Americans in Benghazi and all the destruction wreaked by the last unqualified candidate put into office.  And all this time the PLP Congress will be busily hanging their heads and looking guilty so that they don't prevent Hillary from winning.

So we might as well accept that Hillary will be the next president. When that happens, expect socialism, if not communism.  IRAs and 401(k)'s will be taken by the government and distributed to "poor" people to "eliminate income inequality", hundreds of millions of illegals will be let into the country in order to assure a solid majority of Democrats voters, and Obamacare will become single-payer government health care, which means the quality will descend to the level of the VA hospital.  And all this time the LameStream Media will be cheering because a “woman is the president".

You know how people are bailing out of California in order to avoid the coming financial disaster?  I'm thinking it's time to bail out of this country.  Time to start looking at other countries where there's more opportunity.  I hear Australia is nice this time of year.

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