Friday, December 9, 2011

There's a Traitor in the White House

For the third time this year, Obama is displaying his treasonous side.

First, a few facts:
1. Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim.
2. Barack Hussein Obama hates America.
3. Barack Hussein Obama wants to see America destroyed.
4. Barack Hussein Obama has borrowed trillions of dollars from China, an enemy of America.

Now, consider this interesting timeline:

May 1, 2011: The Navy Seals supposedly invade Osama bin Laden's compound in Afghanistan and kill him. There is, however, not a shred of evidence that this actually happened.  No photos, no audio recordings, no video, no written records, and no body.  However, we DO know that a top-secret SEALS helicopter "crashed" at Bin Ladens' compound (amazingly intact).  The Afghans quickly captured the helicopter and sold it to the Chinese, who are examining it for the military secrets.

August 6, 2011: Muslim radicals in Afghanistan shoot down a helicopter containing the Navy Seals who were responsible for the stated-but-not-proven killing of Bin Laden.  This is extremely suspicious because it's an older-and-slower helicopter and ALL of the SEALS were on it together - something that's never done lest they all get killed, as in this instance.

Dec 6, 2011: A top-secret spy plane "crashes", amazingly intact, in Iran.  After displaying it on TV, the Iranians are planning to sell it to China, who will then examine it for the military secrets.

These are not "accidents".  Obama has found a way to pay off the Chinese with military secrets instead of cash.  Two secret spy planes have mysteriously "crashed" in Muslim countries but both of them are completely intact; there's not a scratch on them.  The Muslims sell them to China, thereby getting cash for their third-world countries.  China obtains and duplicates our military secrets, thereby becoming more of a threat and/or more able to defend against our military.  In addition, Obama shows his Muslim brethren and communist Chinese buddies that he's willing to kill our best military men to show his loyalty to the Muslim/Communist dictates.

This is so obvious almost anyone could figure it out.  Anyone except the LameStream Media.  Based on this, Obama needs to be arrested, tried, and imprisoned for life for treason against America.

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