Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Ultimate Nail in Obama's Political Coffin

Never forget: Obama voted FOR the economy he "inherited".

On February 1 David Axelrod outlined Obama's campaign strategy for the 2012 elections.  In addition to attempting to highlight any "accomplishments" that Obama may have done, they are also going to attempt to focus blame on GW Bush for the economy.  Even in his downgrade speech that he delivered on August 8, Obama referred to problems that he "inherited".

Here's the problem.  Obama claims that, as president, he "inherited" a "one trillion dollar deficit".  What isn't being mentioned is that as Senator Obama he voted for the very deficit he inherited.  Neither the media nor the PLP is bringing it up. But it's true.

Here's Obama's voting record when he was in the Senate: .  He voted "yes" on everything from Medicare to Amtrak funding to earmarks.  Even more telling is that he voted "No Vote" on everything else....which means, he didn't vote against it.    Mr. "We-must-reduce-our-debt" did nothing to stop the spending.  If he's so passionate about cutting spending, why wasn't he using his massive skill at reading a teleprompter to argue against the spending?

A Very Short Debate:
Sooner or later, the Paid Loser Candidate from the PLP will have to debate Obama.  I'm sure the PLP Paid Loser will have all kinds of tepid points to make, but the reality is, if he/she really wanted to win, all he/she would have to do is beat Obama over the head with this point over and over and over until Obama's whining about "I inherited this mess" would be reduced to nothing more than the squalling of a petulant 5-year-old child.

Do I think that will happen?  No.  After all, the GOP is the PLP: Paid Loser Party.

But you and I can do it.  Everytime we talk to a liberal, or the press, or make presentations, or even just talk to our friends, make sure they know that Obama voted for the economy he supposedly "inherited".  Obama's votes show lack of foresight on his part (at that time), and now, he's unable to deal with it. His only solution is to blame someone who's been out of office for 3 years.

Obama didn't have a clue or a plan then, and he doesn't have one now.  So if your liberal friends whine about Obama's inheritance, remind them that their hero caused his own problems.  And if Obama can't fix problems that he caused, he can't fix anything else.

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