Thursday, May 31, 2012

Romney Plays Nice with Obama

Today Mitt "McCain" Romney held a news conference at the now-empty Solyndra factory.  He touted how Solyndra is an example of Obama's incompetence in fixing the economy.  Naturally, the LameStream Media is all over it as if what Romney did was a horrible negative attack.

The lamestream Media should be *glad* that all Mitt McCain did was give a speech outside Solyndra Headquarters. 

Many people have already forgotten all about the huge scandal that is Solyndra.  They've forgotten that the founders of Solyndra were huge Obama campaign contributors, that they knew their products wouldn't sell even when they started the company, financial data was hidden, that once they closed up shop and fired all 1,100 employees the executives' homes were raided by the FBI and they're now under indictment, and that the DOE re-structured the loan to Solyndra so that when it failed the investors (rather than the taxpayers) were paid first upon liquidation of assets, and that even Hussein Obama himself has been subpoenaed about Solyndra.

Looking at what Mitt McCain is doing through that prism, we can see that again, Mitt is just tapping Obama with velvet mittens.  Solyndra is a huge money-laundering scam to pay off Obama's campaign contributors and Mitt McCain is ignoring it.  With just this one scandal he could remove Hussein from the ring long before the actual campaign starts.

But no, Mitt McCain is working overtime to make sure he loses.  This is just like professional wrestling; Mitt is pretending to put up a fight, but before election day he'll roll over and give up. That's what professional losers do.  And unless Mitt does something particularly spectacular between now and November, we might as well prepare for another four years of Obama.

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