Saturday, May 5, 2012

It Slowly Sinks Into the Feeble Liberal Mind.....

Slowly but surely, the worthlessness of the Occupy movement is sinking into the heads of the few liberals who aren't totally under the Obama enthrallment.  Even the radical leftists at the San Francisco Chronicle (better known as the "SF Comical")  are starting to get a clue, as shown in this article in which they sort-of decry the Occu-commies.

The SF Comical writes the article with the slant of "Gee...all the Occupy scum need is a leader and some direction".  Yeah, right.  A bunch of uneducated, unemployed droolbags who love to vandalize businesses, start fires, crap on police cars, and molest children need a leader. What they need is prison time.

I love this quote:
"What possible good could be achieved by seizing and trashing a vacant building that the Archdiocese of San Francisco planned to lease to raise money to help low-income students pay their tuition?"

Yeah, no sh*t Sherlock.  Contrary to what you were taught in school, churches help people and the Occu-commies destroy things.  Maybe if you pulled your head out of Obama's a$$ you'd start to see reality, not your drug-addled fantasy world.

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