Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Leave San Francisco While You Still Can

Special note to all conservatives in San Francisco: get out while you still can.

Three stories highlight why you should leave now:

1. California is releasing 44 thousand felons from the prison system in order to "cut costs".  On May 23 a decision was made by the legislature ordering California to shed more than 30,000 inmates from its system.

2. San Franciso is adding felons to their "protected class" of citizens. Ex-cons can no longer be the "target" of "discrimination" for housing and employment.

3. The San Francisco court system is "essentially out of business".  The court system has run up a deficit of $14 Million, so buildings are being closed and people are being laid off.

This means that all the released felons will flock to San Francisco so that they can get housing and employment, and be able to scream and sue if they feel they've been discriminated against, whether it's true or not.

Like I said: Conservatives in San Francisco, leave while you still can.  From this point forward you'll be blamed, persecuted, and even possibly prosecuted for trying to live a normal life, work at a normal job, and protect your life, family, and property. From this point forward that will be called "discrimination".

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