Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Jeb Bush Clinches the Pro Loser Party Nomination!

Jeb Bush co-authored an article in the Wall Street Journal recently.  In it, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, a staunch supporter of "comprehensive immigration reform", urged Republicans on Monday to stop being "the obstacle" to immigration reform. 

With just one comment, Jeb Bush has clinched the nomination by the Professional Loser Party (the GOP) for their 2016 presidential candidate!  He's a sure loser!

Here's why:
  • He's a Bush.  There's not a liberal in the world who will vote for him.
  • The Lamestream Media will attack him viciously, and he won't respond.
  • The Democrats will attack him mercilessly, and he won't respond.
  • He supports illegals.  No sane conservative will vote for him.
  • He's said that he'll "reach across the aisle to the Democrats". That's a proven losing tactic.
So it's settled.  The PLP will nominate Jeb Bush as their Chosen Loser.  He'll lose, and then we get Hillary Clinton as president.  Then the PLP will collect their payoffs from the Democrats and Jeb Bush will fade into history.

We MUST bring in a third-party candidate.  If we don't want to slide into total socialism, then we MUST bring in a new candidate.  Someone like Rand Paul or Ted Cruz. THEY have the gonads to fight Hillary and the Democrats.  The PLP hasn't shown any interest in winning but Rand Paul and Ted Cruz have already taken the fight to Obama and have slammed him into the pavement.

So if you currently donate to the GOP, stop.  Ask for a refund. Then join the Tea Party and go on the offensive to elect Rand Paul or Ted Cruz.  Because if you don't, then you might as well get used to saying the phrase "President Hillary", because it's going to happen.  The PLP will make sure of it.

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