Friday, February 13, 2015

Hillary is Disqualifed by the Mainstream Media

The associated press circled the wagons around Brian Williams by writing a piece designed to absolve his lying, and preemptively absolve all Democrat liars.

What it did, though, is disqualify Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate.

From the article: "Hillary Rodham Clinton said she misspoke after claiming that she landed in Bosnia under sniper fire in 1996, a memory that turned out to be untrue."

Specifically, Hillary claimed that she had landed at an airport in Bosnia under sniper fire.  She claimed that the helicopter she was in had to do a spiral maneuver to land, and then they ran to the terminal in order to avoid sniper fire.

In reality, the landing was uneventful.  In fact, a photo showed up on the Internet of what really happened: Hillary was greeted on the tarmac by a little girl.  There's a huge difference between getting shot at and meeting a little girl.  You don't "misremember" being shot at.

If we are to believe that Hillary had "a memory that turned out to be untrue", then Hillary obviously has serious memory problems.  You don't forget getting shot at.  Or not shot at.

If Hillary has memory problems that are that bad, then she is unqualified to be president.  A president who "mis-remembers" getting shot at, versus meeting a little girl at an airport, can't be trusted with critical national security information.  Hillary, with her faulty memory, is liable to spill all our national secrets to the first rogue nation she meets with.

Here's the article.  Judge for yourself:

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