Monday, June 25, 2012

SB 1070 for Obama

Today the Supreme Court upheld a key element of  SB 1070, Arizona's anti-illegal alien law: the AZ police are free to, when there is reasonable suspicion, inquire about the immigration status of any person they suspect of committing a crime.  Naturally the libs are screaming about "racial profiling".  But there's no sense answering them because we can't convince them otherwise.  So let's focus on the bigger fish.

Barack Hussein Obama has yet to prove conclusively that he's a citizen of the United States.  After years of hiding his citizenship papers he was shamed into producing a so-called "birth certificate".  Unfortunately, research into it has raised the question that it might be a forgery. So we're not sure if he's a legal citizen.

So here's a friendly suggestion to Barack Hussein: stay out of Arizona.  You're suing our great state and Sheriff Joe for actively keeping out criminals.  We know whose side you're on, and it isn't America.

But if you insist on dragging your undocumented backside here then don't do anything illegal.  Because Sheriff Joe will be all over you like a cheap suit and you'll find yourself in Tent City along with your "amigos".  And Jan Brewer won't have any sympathy toward you either. In fact, she just might foot the bill personally to send your skinny kiester back to Kenya.

In your face, illegals!!

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