Monday, November 28, 2011

Contributors vs. Takers 2

Two firefighter chefs at the San Jose Fire Department race in a cooking competition.  The prize: a $10,000 donation to their favorite charities: The Susan G. Komen foundation for breast cancer, and the UCSF Medical Center.
Plates on Fire Cooking Contest 

Not to be outdone by such a show of kind-heartedness, the Occupy Oakland Flea Baggers celebrate Thanksgiving by attacking police and getting themselves arrested:
Occupy Oakland Idiots Cause More Problems.

Considering the Flea Baggers have already cost the taxpayers $13 Million, can we just arrest all of them and ship them off to some other country that's more to their liking.  For example: Iran.  They'd last about two weeks before they'd be arrested and executed for their screaming childish ways.  And I, for one, wouldn't shed a single tear.

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