Saturday, July 14, 2012

The GOP Swoops in to Finish Off Mitt

In true form, the GOP swoops in to finish off "Mittens the Kitten" Romney, thereby ensuring a win for Obama.

ABC News article: "Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley called on Mitt Romney to release his tax returns in order to show voters that he has "nothing to hide."  

Hey Bentley, give that cute little speech to Obama!  Demand of Obama that he show his birth certificate, his Selective Service papers, his college transcripts, the Solyndra documents, and the Fast and Furious documents.  Use that same impassioned tone of voice and tell him to cough up those papers to show that he has "nothing to hide".  And keep up the pressure, like you're doing with Romney.

GOP Mascot

But he won't.  It's like I keep saying; the GOP is really the PLP: the Professional Loser Party.  Their job is to lose every election and lose every congressional battle so that the Democrats win. Why?  Because the members of the PLP get paid off by the Democrats for doing it.  And they get a cut of the increased taxes.

That's the only possible reason.  No other reason makes sense.

Go ahead...try to prove me wrong.  But in the meantime, I suggest you start preparing for the Second American Revolution.  Because when Romney takes a dive, the conservatives are going to rise and take back the country.  And it isn't going to be pretty.


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