Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sarah Palin and the GOP Convention

Sarah Palin isn't going to be speaking at the GOP convention this year.  Many conservatives are upset.  Not me.

This was created by a liberal.

The reason Sarah Palin is being rebuffed is simple: she's a sissy.  All she does is bring negative press wherever she goes, so the GOP doesn't want her at the convention because she'll create holes in the already pitiful and feeble platform that they have.

How do I know this?  It's obvious.  Sarah Palin lets the libs walk all over her. She walks into obvious set-ups like a lamb being led to the slaughter and then does nothing when she's slammed face-first into the ground.

Example: when Jarad Loughner shot Gabby Giffords the MSM (and specific people) immediately implicated Palin because of her website.  Palin waited four days and then put a tepid response onto her Facebook page.  If she wanted our respect she would have dragged her accusers onto the Sunday talk shows, demanded solid evidence, and when they didn't provide any, brought out her attorney on the spot and sued them blind for defamation of character.

If you want to see the appropriate reaction to liberal lies, look at how Arizona Governor Jan Brewer slammed Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano when they claimed SB 1070 was "racist".  She created a video showing them admitting that they hadn't read the bill. Say what you will about Jan, nobody messes with her. Especially the liberal press.

But Sarah doesn't do that. She's a sissy.  We don't need her adding weakness to the already weak GOP party of losers. Mitt "McCain" Romney is already a weak and trembling candidate who lets the media attack him without fighting back. The last thing we need is someone who's perceived as stupid whom the media can link to Mitt McCain and therefore completely destroy any hope we have of wresting this country away from the Marxist-in-Chief before he ruins it forever.

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