Thursday, January 19, 2012

Obama to Unemployed Americans: Drop Dead!

Barack Hussein Obama, the president who claims he has a "laser-like focus" on creating jobs for unemployed Americans has just cut off the creation of 20,000 new jobs.

Obama has rejected approval for the Keystone oil pipeline from Canada.  This pipeline would have created an estimated 20,000 new jobs for Americans over at least two years, and have cut our dependence on foreign oil.  Instead, in a purely political move, Barack Obama voted against the pipeline.

His "reasoning" was that the 60-day approval timeline to investigate the pipeline was "too short".  So he rejected approval for the pipeline, thereby dashing the hopes of thousands of construction workers.  The timeline for approval was "too short"??  That's not a reason - that's an excuse.  He's just buddying up to his environmentalist wacko supporters.

How a REAL leader would approach this:
A REAL leader who was actually concerned about Americans would have either
  1. Negotiated a new timeline, or,
  2. Made the approval investigation a top priority so that it would have come in on time.   
But Obama can't do that.  Why?  Because he's literally unable to make sound business decisions.   The fact that he's trying to pin the blame on the Republicans shows that he's been caught and so he's trying to divert attention away from himself.

We don't need a "leader" who makes decisions based on politics. We need a leader who's going to provide opportunities for Americans.  Real unemployment in America is currently between 17% and 20%.  Americans want JOBS.  But we have a "president" who is convinced that jobs are created by unemployment checks.

The only way to get America back on its feet again and put Americans to work is to throw Obama out of office NOW.  Immediately.  He talks about jobs, but his behavior proves that all he wants to do is increase American dependency on the government.  He's proven that time and time again.

So call your favorite GOP representative and tell them to go after Obama; on TV, radio, blogs, YouTube, and Twitter. This job-killing decision by Obama is the ultimate slap in America's face, and he needs to be dragged through the mud with this and then voted out in disgrace in November.

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