Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Election is Over, Mitt Has Given Up

The election's over.  Mittens the Kitten has given up. And before he was even nominated, too.

Barack Hussein has found an issue with which he's beating Romney over the head, and Romney is, predictably, not doing a thing.  Hussein is continuing to hit Romney with the "when did Romney leave Bain capital" meme, and it's working. 

From the article: "Mitt Romney insists that he stepped down from his private equity firm years earlier than federal records indicate, but President Barack Obama is more than a little skeptical and says his Republican rival has much to explain."

Several fact-checking organizations proved this issue to be false several days ago, but Obama presses on and Mittens does nothing.  And a campaign manager of Obama's accused Romney of committing a felony a couple of days ago, and now Mittens is asking for "an apology".

An apology??  How about if you file criminal charges against Obama for slander?  You just got accused of a felony, Mittens!  How about if you make this a criminal investigation against Hussein Obama and all his cronies??  But he won't.  Because Mittens the Kitten doesn't want to win.  He's been paid by the Democrats to lose, and he WILL lose, no matter how stupid the charges are that are made against him.

It's as I've pointed out many times: the GOP is nothing but a group of professional losers; they're in on the scamming of America, and their job is to lose all elections and battles.  They take a fall, the democrats win, and the GOP gets a cut of the new taxes the Democrats inflict on America.  And Mittens the Kitten is the latest fall guy to get the big payoff.

It's time to start a write-in campaign.  How about we write in Allen West for president?  He's definitely showing courage, and he'd make a great president.  Because right now a ham sandwich could beat Obama in the election, and Mittens the Kitten is so pitiful that he can't even beat a sandwich.

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