Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chicago is Liberal Utopia

Want to know how the Hussein admistration, and indeed, all liberals see the future?  And how they're going to "solve" all the problems that they create?

Then read this article about crime in Chicago:

Check out Rahm Imanuel's interview at the bottom.   Liberal stupidity at its best!  "Murders are up 38%, but overall crime is down 10%".  No, overall crime is UP 28%!

Notice Rahm's method of solving the crime problem: close the liquor stores which are "magnets" for gang bangers.  In other words, close down legitimate businesses rather than go after the criminals. And be sure to watch it at about 2:00 where Rahm appeals to the "values" of the gang bangers.  "Don't stop killing each other, just go into the alley and kill each other."  Oh yeah...that'll do it!

This shows off exactly what happens when liberals take over; crime skyrockets, children are killed, and the only method that the libs in command try is "talking" to the criminals.  Pathetic. And it's what's in store for us if we don't stop the spread of liberalism.

Well, in the blue states, anyway.  Here in the red states we still arm our citizens and shoot criminals.  Sorry about your state.

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