Friday, January 20, 2012

Newt Gingrich Spanks John King and CNN

Last night at the Republican debate, Newt Gingrich eviscerated CNN and moderator John King (see the video below).  It was beautiful!

CNN insisted on starting the debate by attacking Newt Gingrich with an unconfirmed story (only source: an ex-wife) about Newt’s alleged sexual dalliances. And Newt did exactly what should have been done; he laid into John King and CNN in general just like an angry father would punish a little child who had told a lie.

It was beautiful!  Newt started with:
“I am appalled that you would begin a presidential debate on a topic like that.” (Which got him a standing ovation immediately).  Then he said: “…to make this a topic of a debate is as close to despicable as I can imagine”.

The beauty is that John King, the moderator, was hit broadside. He had no idea that Newt would respond like that, so he looked like a little boy who had just been spanked.  So King, like a typical liberal, tried to make a phony excuse about how CNN hadn’t run the story. 

Newt answered: “You and your staff chose to start the debate with (that topic)!  Don’t try to blame somebody else!

EXACTLY!  That’s exactly how you talk to liberals!!  Don’t get defensive, go on the offense!  That was a knockout punch because John King never brought the topic up again.

America has far more pressing issues than what a candidate has done in the past; 
  • Crushing unemployment
  • Record number of people in poverty
  • Record number of people on food stamps
  • A downgrade in credit for the first time in history  
In addition, our so-called “president” has just cancelled approval for the job-creating Keystone Pipeline project which would have created at least 20,000 new jobs.  We need to change course and put America back on the road to prosperity. That won’t happen if we let the liberals control the dialogue.  The only way to change things is to discredit them and their ideas every time the open their whiney little mouths.

Liberals are just little children; they have the intellectual development level of a four-year-old and should be treated as such.  They focus on the wrong issues, they make big deals out of nothing, try to divert attention from the real problems, and scream and squall when you catch them.  Stick to your guns, spank them soundly, and throw them (figuratively) into the street.  The result will be standing ovations every time.


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