Thursday, December 22, 2011

Why Ron Paul is gaining in the polls

It's easy: the conservatives are sick and tired of the PLP constantly giving in to all of Obama's demands. 

Here's a brief and not-comprehensive timeline that the conservative voters have experienced:

1. 2008: Obama, an unknown, unqualified, inexperienced, but obviously socialist community organizer becomes the Democrat nominee.

2. 2008: The PLP nominates John "Juan" McCain; a 72-year-old gray-haired old man who can barely put up a fight, and is known for supporting illegal immigration and dumping his wife for a trophy wife.

3. 2008: Juan McCain puts up no fight at all. He rolls over and lets Obama win.

4. 2009 (early): Obama passes Porkulus - a $1 TRILLION spending package.  No fight is put up by the PLP.

5. 2009 (late):  Unemployment passes 10%, housing prices plunge, foreclosures rise, and the stock market crashes.  Obama blames Bush.  Not a peep out of the PLP. 

6. 2010 (early): Obama and the Dems cram Obamacare down the throats of the American People.  Despite 75% of the American people NOT wanting Obamacare, the rise of the Tea Party, and loud calls for action to the Republicans in Congress, the PLP does nothing. With a whimper, they roll over and let Obamacare get passed.  Socialized medicine has come to America.

7. 2010 (late): The Tea Party gains political clout and changes control of the House to Republican.  John Boehner cries on national TV, thereby sending a coded message to the Democrats that he won't put up a fight.

8. 2011 (early): Obama submits a $4.5 TRILLION dollar budget, with $1.4 Trillion in deficits.  The PLP rolls over and lets it pass.  When confronted by angry conservatives, Weepy Boehner rolls out his focus-group-tested line: "We're only one-half of one-third of the government".

9. 2011 (late): The PLP submits their list of candidates for president, the current front-runner being Newt Gingrich: a 68-year-old gray-haired old man who can barely put up a fight and is best known for siding with Nasty Pelosi on the "global warming" scam and for dumping various wives and having affairs.  In other words, Juan McCain all over again.  A sure loser.

Conservatives are sick and tired of the PLP's obviously doing all they can to re-elect Obama. And that's why Ron Paul is gaining in the polls.  Like him or not, he's showing a lot more gonads than any of the other candidates.

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