Thursday, August 1, 2013

Democrats fighting for Democrats: Women Suffer

CNN has an article about the Mayor Filner case:
"A lawyer for San Diego Mayor Bob Filner criticized the city for not providing sexual harassment training to the mayor, saying its failure to do so violated the law."

This should be entertaining!  

A Democrat mayor has been caught sexually harassing the women on his team.  But now it's suggested that the Democrats in the city of San Diego didn't train him in sexual harassment avoidance, so he "didn't know".  Meanwhile, it's also the responsibility of the person who's being harassed to attempt to stop it immediately, which is looks like they may not have done

So where are the feminists? Where is NOW?  Because they have a real quandary on their hands:
1. They usually rise up to protect "womyn" from sexual harassment.
2. But this guy's a Democrat, which means:
3. They have to admit that a Democrat can actually do something wrong.
4. Which they won't do.

So here's what will happen:
  • The women who've been harassed will be dumped like yesterday's garbage and have to live with the humiliation the rest of their lives. 
  • The mayor will get off scot-free except for the big payoff he'll get from suing the city, some of which he'll pay out to NOW for keeping their mouths shut.  He'll also get a job in the new Hillary administration because he's "learned from his mistakes".
  • NOW will also sue the city and collect millions in the name of "womyn everywhere" (except the women who were harassed).
  • The Lamestream Media will stay totally silent on this because it directly opposes their "republican war on women" meme.

Life is good in Democrat Utopia! Except, of course, for honest citizens.

If the women who were being harassed had had any brains, they would have blackmailed the mayor.  Big payoffs from a scared Democrat are much more lucrative than keeping your job.

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