Monday, September 21, 2015

2016 Election was Thrown from the Start, Part Two

The 2016 Election was Thrown from the Start....until now.  

(Part One is here)

Next, the Democrats:
Hillary was the chosen candidate for the Democrats ever since she and Bill Clinton left office many years ago.  During the years of GW Bush, she became a Senator and made herself obvious by raucously shrieking out against Bush whenever she could. When Bush was out of office she ran for president, hoping her loudness would carry her through. She was not expecting Barack Obama to be pushed to the front by the Mainstream Media. So after a short fight she dropped out of the race and let Obama be elected.

During that time she served as the Secretary of State where she did nothing but let four Americans be butchered by terrorists and then lie about it. But while all this was happening, she and the GOP were carefully laying the groundwork for her election.  The two parties got together and started their subtle campaigning to make Hillary look like the Chosen One, and Bush to be the Fall Guy.

Hillary’s Past Catches Up With Her:
Two things happened that have Hillary losing in the polls.
1. The email scandal.
Hillary has been caught red-handed in a huge scandal that involves national security.  She’s been accused of selling American uranium to the Russians, and selling arms to the rebels in Syria via Benghazi.  Congressional investigations into these matters have revealed Hillary for who she really is: conniving, vindictive, lying, and uncaring.  Her shouting “What difference does it make???” may have been intended to make the Republicans look petty, but it backfired.  Since it had been proven that Hillary lied to cover up the Benghazi killings, millions of Democrats saw her as she really is, and they saw *their* kids being sent off to die in a war that Hillary most likely had set up so that she could make a big profit from it. And no parent, with even a shred of love for their children, wants that.

2. The rise of Bernie Sanders.
The dumbing-down of American children has created the “gimme” society of young people.  They don’t want to work – they want everything handed to them.  They see anyone who’s successful as “evil”, and they want the worked-hard-for salaries taken away from those evil people and given to them.

But even the dumbest of “gimme” kids can see that Hillary is a grasping, clutching, in-it-for-herself witch that would, at best, dole out only crumbs to the serfs. The gimme generation wants it all, and it’s obvious that Hillary would keep as much of the money as she could.

So in comes Bernie Sanders. Bernie is an outspoken socialist. His entire platform is “I’ll raise taxes to 90% on the rich people and give it to all the “poor” people”. Free college!  Free everything!  This rings true with the gimme generation. They expect everything to be free, and so they side with Bernie. As a result, Bernie is surging in the polls and Hillary is dropping behind.

But the DNC is determined to place Hillary as president, so they’re doing everything they can to prevent her being seen as a grabby witch.  Specifically, they’re NOT letting her out into public, and they’re NOT holding debates.  They’re just going to push her into the nomination no matter what the voters say. 

This is not going over well with the Democrat voters.  They’re demanding more debates between the candidates, and the DNC is turning them down. The DNC is determined to push Hillary into the nomination, and they’re using their tried-and-true method of “do what we tell you to do, serfs”. Unfortunately for them, they’re getting pushback. If the DNC forces Hillary into the nomination, a lot of Democrat voters will stay home and not vote.  Hillary will not get elected.  Bernie Sanders will have a shot at the presidency because of Democrats either doing a write-in campaign or stuffing the ballot boxes.

In Summary:
The political elites thought they had the outcome of the 2016 election decided many years ago. Unfortunately for them, those plans have been thrown into turmoil. The American People are speaking out, they’ve found candidates they prefer, and they’re not sitting idly by.

What will happen next? That remains to be seen. For the Republicans, I see Donald Trump surging ahead until he’s nominated. Jeb Bush is sinking in the polls and his campaign financers are beginning to back out.  So if the GOP tries to push Bush into the nomination, there will be more than idle complaining; there will be disruptive action: marches, protests, phone-banks, etc.  If that doesn’t work, then there will probably be a write-in campaign and Trump will be elected no matter what the GOP wants.

As for the Democrats, Bernie Sanders will keep surging forward. Hillary is sinking in the polls, as evidenced by her campaign appearances are her speaking to half-empty rooms.  However the DNC will continue to push her as the nominee. Come hell or high water, they’re going to push Hillary into that position. If they do, there will be violence in the streets; all the groups that want socialism will be in the streets setting fires and destroying buildings, just like they’ve been trained to do by the DNC.  And on election night, a lot of Democrats will stay home because they’re tired of being conned by the DNC into voting for a candidate they don’t want.

Final Analysis:
The 2016 election is the death-knell for both the GOP and the DNC.  Americans have had enough of the political elites telling them “We know best. Sit down, shut up, give us all your money, and do as we tell you”.  With the rejection of the “chosen by the elites” candidates and the surge in popularity of the new candidates, the old politics is dead.  Washington no longer has a grip on the American people. The old politicians would be wise to pack their bags and get out while the getting is good.

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