Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Solution to California Gas Prices

Congratulations to all the environmentalists and democrats in California!  You've succeeded in screwing yourselves big time!

Gas prices in California are skyrocketing.  The cost of a gallon of gas has passed $5.00 and it's still climbing. This is because California demands a different blend of gasoline, and only CA refineries make it.  There was a power outage at one of the refineries last week and the residents are still feeling the effect.

The photo to the right is a heat map of gas prices throughout the nation.  Notice that the high prices end at the California border?  That's what happens when you set yourself up for failure.  And the prices probably aren't going to go down.  In 2013 the California cap-and-trade legislation goes into full effect, and pundits are anticipating that this will add another $1.00 per gallon increase to the price of gasoline.

A Solution to the Problem:
I have a solution to the problem, though.  It's an easy fix, it'll have immediate impact, and it'll hurry the Democrats to their longed-for socialist utopia even faster.  Here's my idea:

Check the voter registration records in CA and find all the Democrats.  Go to their homes and impound all their vehicles.  This will force the Democrats onto their beloved public transportation. This will also drop demand for gasoline in a big way, which will drive the price down.  So the Republicans who didn't vote for Democrat politicians will get cheaper gas, and the Democrats will be able to ride their beloved public transportation.  It's a win-win situation!

I think CA should implement this plan immediately.  It'll cut the gas usage in half, but, even more importantly, it'll punish the Democrats for making stupid emotion-driven voting decisions.  Maybe next time they'll stop and think of future consequences before they vote for an idiot politician just because he's a Democrat.

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