Monday, January 16, 2012

Conservatives Build States, Liberals Destroy Them

Two recent news stories showed the stark difference in the health of a state's economy based on the political stance of their governors.  To put it simply, conservative Republicans build states while liberal Democrats destroy them.

State #1: Arizona.
Last Monday Arizona’s Republican governor, Jan Brewer, gave the State of the State address.  So far during her time as governor, she has:
  1. Reined in government spending by slashing funding for useless departments.
  2. Reduced the size of the state government
  3. Created 47,000 jobs last year after three years of consecutive job losses caused by outgoing governor Janet Napolitano.
In 2009 Jan put onto the ballot, and voters approved, a temporary 1-percent tax hike to pay down the deficit.  As of 2011, the deficit was paid, the state has a budget surplus, and Jan is keeping her word: The temporary tax will be ended in 2012.

THAT is how a government should be run.  That’s what known as leadership.

State #2: California
California is a different story.  After more than 50 years of a Democrat legislature and four years of governor Arnie (an artificial Republican who spent money like a Democrat), the state has a $50 Billion budget deficit.  This, despite the fact that Arnie raised taxes during his term in order to close the deficit.

So last year the California voters elected Jerry Brown, a sworn leftist Democrat.  Despite a $50 Billion deficit, Brown has done two incredibly stupid things that will damage the state further:
  1. Signed into law AB 130 and 131, which gives in-state tuition and public (taxpayer-funded) college financial aid to illegal immigrants in California.
  2. Approved the $50 Billion high-speed train between two small towns in the central valley of California.  And now, despite his advisors having shown that the train will cost the state $100 Billion, Jerry is still backing the rail system.
So what’s Jerry doing about it?  Extorting the taxpayers into raising taxes on themselves.  His threat? The usual “I’ll cut school funding drastically” scare tactic.  In other words, holding schoolchildren hostage until he gets the ransom (taxes) that he wants.  And do you think he’ll fix the budget deficit?  No. It hasn’t happened yet.

What makes this particularly stupid is that Jerry isn’t recognizing that the “rich” that he plans to tax are leaving California at a record rate.  So any tax increases he gets will result in the same or lower revenue because taxpayers are leaving.

The truth is clear: if you want a solid and growing state economy, elect a conservative: a REAL conservative.  Don’t elect democrats. They just spend all of your money, plunge the state into a deep deficit, and then demand that YOU pay more to make up for THEIR waste.  And that’s a recipe for disaster no matter how the libs try to spin it.

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