Thursday, February 9, 2012

Arizona Shows Leadership Again

The state of Arizona, having gone after illegals aggressively as well as investigating Obama's birth certificate and Eric Holder's Fast And Furious scandal, now turns its sight onto another scourge of the citizens: public-sector unions.

The state government has opened up a series of legislative actions to deal with the labor unions. Measures in front of the Arizona legislature include one measure to do away with collective bargaining for government employees who are paid off the taxpayer dime and three which limit how union dues are collected and applied where public work is ostensibly being performed.

As you can imagine, the labor unions aren't happy about it, and they plan to protest at an upcoming speech by Jan Brewer at the state's 100th anniversary celebration.

With a little persistence, Arizona should have those unions corralled in no time, thereby freeing up millions in taxpayer dollars which can then be applied to more important things like schools.  Take heed, other states.  Arizona proves time and again that conservatism builds states, whereas liberalism destroys them.

Final note: you've just gotta love Arizona Governor Jan Brewer!  She knows the enemy when she sees them, and she has no problem going after them tooth and nail.

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