Thursday, February 23, 2012

How to Stop the Obama Gas Shortage

I believe that we shouldn't complain about problems unless we have a solution for them.

I've been pointing out the coming Obama gas shortage for a little while.  Now I have a solution. And it can be done by liberals so they can take credit for saving the country!  Here are three steps that will solve the problem:

  • According to Daily Kos, 63 Million people voted for Obama.  All 63 Million Obama-voters should get rid of their gas-burning cars immediately.  They can ride public transit, or buy a Chevy Volt.
  • Michelle Obama should immediately be confined to the White House so she can no longer take her multi-million-dollar vacations every month.
  • Hussein Obama should immediately switch all meetings, campaigning, fund raisers, etc. to meetings by webinar.  Instead of traveling on Air Force One ($182,000 per hour) and taking along the entourage of secret service people, his limo, etc., change it all over to online.  
 Since Obama believes in "shared sacrifice", he can set the example by sacrificing all the extraneous and unnecessary costs of his travel.  And especially the First Harpy's million-dollar vacations.

There. Gas shortage problem solved.  Fewer cars, more gas, everyone is happy. And the libs can take credit for their innovative and forward-thinking that solved the problem.

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